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  • to_carol to_carol Aug 12, 1998 1:54 PM Flag

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    • agree with your thoughts on warner and
      j&J...don't see the value with ciba...agn did have a stronger
      position in the oph otc market a few years ago...ciba,old
      cooper vision, had the second position...could be a
      potential ftc problem...the contact lens solution buisness
      on a world wide basis is less than
      grouth over the past few years has been pretty flat due
      to the switching of wearers of contacts from yearly
      disposability to monthly or two weeks...the place to be now is
      in contact lenses and not care products...ciba has a
      poor number four market position world wide...alcon
      b&l and agn are the leaders...ciba still sells
      products that are tired and old...hydrogen peroxide...they
      really bring little to the table for agn.i think you
      have a good thought with your derm senario...agn has
      really never grown this biz,nor does it appear to have
      the committment to put much into growing
      least not like j&j and galderma,old alcon division now
      part of nestle.

    • There's always that missing piece in Japan.....
      hmm...... Allergan could also use their derm business in a
      trade with J&J to strengthen their ophthalmic
      franchise. A Ciba Vision marriage could also be interesting.
      It would create one hell of a consumer oriented CLCP
      company. And, as I recall reading, Mr. Pyott's past
      experience is based in the consumer market. The consumer
      market also presents an opportunity for Allergan to
      drive top line independent despite their short term new
      Rx product gap. A Botox synergy move is an
      interesting angle. One option that comes to mind is Warner
      Lambert. If the Allergan Warner Lambert retinoid
      collaboration shows short term promise WLA could look at
      Allergan as a merger candidate. They could justify the
      move partly through increased margin on their diabetes
      product by buying out the royalty they would otherwise
      owe Allergan. They could subsequently sell or spin
      out the surgical business. Allergan's Botox business
      would fit nicely with WLA's Parke Davis neurology
      franchise and Allergan's CLCP and OTC tears business could
      be incorporated into WLA's Consumer

      Just food for thought. One can dream can't they?
      Besides, wilder things have happened?

      How about the
      market today. I still can't figure out Allergan. The
      market collapses and Allergan's price holds reasonably
      well. The market bounces back and Allergan declines. Go

      Anyone out there bottom fishing yet? Recommendations?

    • good thought...with the current multiple on the
      stock,i would't do it...but with a stock at 30 times 98
      earnings...thats a good play...don't forget that this company is
      not cash poor either...if the j&j contact lens
      company continues to flounder,it could be a good
      target....or some other lens about derm
      companies...the other oph stuff out there looks risky to me...and
      i would'nt get into another specality segment
      yet...either build derm or get rid of it...i am not sure what
      you could add to botox...just don't know that pharm
      segment...what do you think?

    • Let me propose another potential strategy for
      everyone to ponder. Over the last month there has been a
      reoccuring theme to the posts on this bulletin board,
      namely, where will Allergan's growth come from without a
      consistent flow of new products? Many of you seem to think
      that the new CEO is positioning the company through
      his agressive cost/infrastructure cutting as an
      attractive takeover target. Let me propose an alternative
      scenario for your consideration.

      Everyone would
      agree that the new CEO's has taken an agreesive cost
      cutting approach geared at optimizing short term stock
      price and valuation. A stronger stock means greater
      buying power. This fact is even more important when you
      consider that Allergan's stock price seems to hold up well
      even in the face of the recent market decline.

      Assuming current market conditions continuefor some time
      (I hope not too long for all our sakes!) and
      Allergan's stock price benefits following formal
      announcement of their restructuring/layoffs/early retirement,
      Allergan would be in an excellent position to move into an
      acquition mode using the strength of their stock. Potenital
      targets is the question. Allergan would need to identify
      companies with complimentary product lines and/or companies
      that provide opportunity for strategic geographic
      expansion. Given the state of global economies and the
      strength of the dollar, no better time to go shopping than
      the present. My only concern as an Allergan
      shareholder is the following: historically, only the
      shareholders of the acquired company profit, while the
      shareholders of the acquiring company tend to suffer for 12-18

      Response? Any thoughts on potential
      Allergan targets?

    • i understand that this new product from merck
      will begin to take serious market share from every
      competitor in the glaucoma market...what impact on
      alphagan?...this is a combination of timoptic and their topical
      cai...i also understand that starr will be introducing
      their implantable contact lens targeting the prespopic
      market...head to head against the array lens...any thoughts?

    • Good post, as usual, finanly. You said most, if
      not all, of it!

      Could AGN be too small to be
      big and too big to be small?

      Also, are you
      stating the sales force(s) are forced to use tired,
      wornout promotional materials? If so, why? Why are heads
      of Marketing and Sales not screaming about

      In my opinion, some people in the distant past
      failed to realize AGN needed higher revenue products to
      off-set normal declines in the existing/aging product
      portfolios. Afterall, it takes a significant new product
      pipeline to have NETgrowth in a billion buck

      Enough said. Deuce

    • J&J rumors have been around for years. I do not
      think the CEO wants to make acquisitions, but notice
      how he is streamlining
      down the company with a
      25% reduction in manpower. Could he be
      making the
      AGN a tempting company for merger and
      Since AGN is no longer on the cutting edge in new
      products, and the failure of Tazorac to be a $150 Million
      producer, maybe
      AGN can be folded into J&J. OTC products
      would blend with
      J&J and the IOL's can be
      My question is what has happend to all of the R&D
      for the past 10 years with little to show for it. Is
      there a
      possibility that there is no future as the
      future products in
      the pipeline will not generate the
      Revenues that are needed.
      R&D should be held
      accountable for the debacle for the lack
      of new products.
      Sales cannot keep selling the same old products
      the same graphics. Notice the ads for Allergan
      products in the Sunday supplements. Cost containment and
      reduction in force can only last for 18 months as you need
      new products. No mention
      in the WSJ explains it

    • Regarding your post #127, my broker told when the
      street learned you're buying, the contrarians decided it
      was time to sell!!!!!!!!!! Only kidding, of course. I
      couldn't find any new news about AGN on the wires.


    • Good thoughts about J&J and AGN. Truth of the
      matter is I've been out of the ophthalmic marketplace
      too long to make any intelligent comments. My
      thoughts about Novartis/AGN were only top of the mind as I
      read the "WSJ" article.

      Frankly, I just called
      the paramedics to come over and stop the bleeding I'm
      experiencing from the rest of my portfolio!!!!!

      makes bandages don't they???

      Stay in touch.

    • agn held up well yesterday when the market went
      to hell...but today in a neutral day it is getting
      beat up...anyone know why...i understand biz is
      good...i bought more on the last down tick,and thought it
      would stay in the 50 range even with the correction

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