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  • Deucewood Deucewood Sep 15, 1998 3:34 PM Flag

    Today's business wire

    It seems like Pyott, in my opinion, is on the
    right track to enhance EPS on a short term basis by
    reducing expenses.

    The question still remains,
    however, what are they doing to increase the topline?
    Cutting expenses (frequently an Agn method, in my
    opinion), will have to cease at some point.

    As a
    "technology driven" business, it is difficult for me to
    understand how Pyott expects Allergan to react quickly! This
    is not Ovaltine....although I wish it
    was...<chuckle>. Maybe he needs to redefine the company.
    Hopefully, he will.

    Also, it's about time Pyott or
    someone communicates to AGN employees WHERE the company
    is going and how they (employees) fit into the mix.
    This downsize/upsize "clutching" that has gone on for
    many years is not, in my opionion, doing anything to
    enhance morale or increase productivity. In fact, it
    might be one of the greater problems.

    Ok, I got
    that off my chest.


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    • Great interest and now we can determine fit as
      still maintain <br>AGN will be sold off in 1999.
      Derm can be sold to P&G and folded into
      Neutrogenia Product Group. WLA back into the picture is
      great post. AGN could use their R&D expertise as
      there are no new products with the same people
      charge under the previous administration. If they
      produced the products the results would be here, but
      were never held accountable and we pay the price.
      WLA and JJ fight this one out with a
      strike. This will shake up this MB. Need to hear
      Deuce and Old eye guy on this one.

    • Had the same thought regarding the retinoid fit, only thing can't make sense of is the derm piece?

    • I assume by your reference to Agouron's cancer
      capabilities and programs and WLA's new found interest in
      cancer, you are suggesting that Allergan's retinoid
      program would be a good fit?

      Makes more sense all
      the time. Need to spend some time with a sharp pencil
      to see if WLA could make the numbers make sense.
      Strategically, sounds good.

    • I'm sure by now if you follow the Pharmaceutical
      and Biotechnology industries you have all read about
      WLA's acquisition of Agouron. Not bad, only a 26%
      premium, WLA gets a $400+ million product that's growing
      and making money!, and when the accountants finish
      and the carnage ends at Agouron HQ in San Diego it
      will be accretive to WLA earnings.

      Why is this
      interesting to AGN and AGN shareholders. Read the BioWorld
      article carefully. Notice, Agouron gives WLA a West Coast
      cancer resarch center, two advanced preclinical programs
      in ARMD (ophthalmogy baby), and let us not forget
      that WLA already has a research relationship with
      Allergan in diabetes and Parke Davis' bread and butter has
      always been CNS (boy would Botox be a treasure in their
      hands). It fits like an old shoe.

      If you do the
      numbers, even at Allergan's inflated stock price, it could
      be accretive within 18 to 24 months as long as
      Alphagan and Botox continue to show strong

      Thoughts? Maybe others have the same idea. How else to
      explain Allergan's price jump (up 2% today) and volume
      (3x normal levels and the markets don't close for
      another 4 hours.


    • Allergan has a long history of long-term
      employees who think they have contributed to past
      successes, when in-fact they have only taken up dollars and
      space! Fortunately, Pyott cleaned out many of those
      senior hangers-on when he first arrived. But there are
      still a few key ones left. More importantly, R&D needs
      a major reorganization and housecleaning. Millions
      of dollars have been poured down the R&D black hole
      for years with no return whatsoever! Much of
      Allergan's new product success has come from the outside.
      Allergan does possess several interesting technologies but
      the key question is whether it has the R&D leadership
      and knowhow to rapidly turn technology into products
      the marketplace wants. That also requires marketing
      leadership -- another area with a questionable past. I would
      invest in Allergan if Pyott makes some decisive and
      sweeping moves in R&D: Translation -- New Talent!

    • In your post #293, you asked why I call Pyott
      "Captain Ovaltine."

      I'm somewhat chagrined to
      write this, but, in essence, it's a product of my
      strange, silly-assed sense of humor and is in no way
      intended to be derogatory to Pyott.

      As you probably
      know, Ovaltine is a powdered chocolate fortified with
      vitamins and minerals. The essential message is "when
      sprinkled in your beverage (milk), it will make 'one'
      healthy and strong."

      My thought was we needed
      someone (Pyott) to put some Ovaltine on Allergan so it
      can grow healthy and strong!! Nothing more, nothing
      less. Only an attempt at some verbal fun.

      notice I call him Captain. Should we promote him up the
      ranks if he continues to do well?

      Have a good
      one, the Deuce

    • Mr. Pyott may not have his full team in there
      yet, but he certainly doesn't have the 'do nothing,
      stagnant'team that was in there before! Things ARE changing and
      for the good--not all talk, but action. Do you think
      doesn't has updated plans for 1999 and the future. He
      didn't make this far on his foreign accent!

      some good news coming, such as a good 4th Qtr,
      increased sales for Alphagan (market is still expanding),
      additional good news for BOTOX, and maybe several new phase
      III studies! I'm not going to give up the


    • How do you know there are no new products in the
      pipeline? How many new products does a niche pharma company
      usually have? How many do the competitors have? I think
      if AGN was gonna be sold off it would have happened
      three years ago. They seem to have a better product mix
      today than they have had in years.

    • This is Pyotte's show as he does not have a
      "TEAM." They have yet to hire a CFO who would be the
      start of his team. No I think that AGN will be sold off
      in 1999 as how else are you going to justify the
      price. No new products, same old packaging, only
      difference is less people. Headcount reduced as the SG&A is
      lowered, now what will be next.

    • we dont always agree on everything,and this is
      one example...replaced management did not have the
      stomach or courage to do the things needed at agn...this
      fellow and his team have...deuce,i see this as a first
      step in a larger strategy for agn...i maybe wrong we
      will are certainly right that stopping after
      this first step is not to be congradulated,but i see
      some other steps he is taking...i also agree with you
      that agn appears to be running ahead of itself,but if
      top line continues to grow,gross margins continue to
      improve and he makes some longterm decision with
      derm,lenscare and the medical device biz,then it is not

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