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  • bfg007_99 bfg007_99 Aug 4, 1999 4:22 PM Flag

    Don't trade alone

    "The stock surfer at "

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    • Only George Michael trades alone!

    • TEST

    • Cataract/IOL
      ASCRS alert: beware of NSAIDs
      Patients in some states receive generics by law. NSAID
      makers say the confusion has tarred all drugs.

      September 1, 1999

      WASHINGTON � The
      American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
      (ASCRS) has issued an alert based on individual physician
      reports and a preliminary survey it conducted among its
      members that topical ophthalmic nonsteroidal
      anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may be causing corneal melts.

      The cautionary statement said, �A surprising number
      of respondents have experienced severe
      complications, including corneal melting leading to perforation.
      Additional reports indicate the occurrence of conjunctival
      and scleral melting and severe punctate keratopathy.�

      Extent of problem?
      �While ASCRS plans to research the
      problem further, at this time it appears wisest to avoid
      the routine use of NSAIDs after anterior segment
      surgery and to monitor current post-surgical cases
      carefully,� the alert stated. �Topical corticosteroids
      without NSAIDs have not been implicated at this time.�

      Although physicians were urged to discontinue use of all
      topical NSAIDs, a preponderance of cases occurred with
      the use of generic diclofenac, ASCRS said. These
      cases occurred with or without concomitant use of
      topical corticosteroids. In addition, patients with dry
      eye syndrome seem to be at greater risk for

      Drug makers contacted by Ocular Surgery
      News have criticized the survey as anecdotal and
      unscientific. Some fear that their branded drugs have been
      unfairly associated with the generics. Falcon, an Alcon
      affiliate that makes generic diclofenac, said aggressive
      use may be part of the problem.


    • Talked to the Deuce since I hadn't seen
      'cybercations' from him in a while.

      Basically, his box
      blew up.

      Any scuttle on q3 earnings? Seems
      like market
      is swinging to value


    • Dear Eye Care Professional,

      Alcon Takes
      Action on NSAID Distribution and Labeling

      Laboratories is greatly concerned with the occurrence of
      serious corneal adverse events reported in the U.S.
      associated with the aggressive use of topical non-steroidal
      anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) before, during, and after cataract
      surgery. We have been diligently investigating all reports
      in an attempt to determine factors that may be
      contributing to the occurrence of such adverse events. These
      investigations have included visits to doctors� offices,
      telephone interviews with doctors, and exchanges of
      information with ASCRS. We have also been working closely
      with the Food and Drug Administration to keep them
      advised of our investigations and to obtain the benefit
      of their broader perspective, including MedWatch.

      To date, our investigations of adverse events
      associated with our Diclofenac Sodium Ophthalmic Solution
      (DSOS) suggest that the increase in these events
      correlates both with a general increase in topical NSAID use
      and also an increased utilization of DSOS in
      association with ocular surgery. These adverse events appear
      to be more prevalent in patients with corneal
      problems, including those with dry eye or corneal
      epithelial defects.

      The potential for topical NSAIDs
      to slow or delay healing, and cause keratitis and
      corneal erosions is well established for this class of
      compounds. What is not well established are the patterns of
      pre-, peri-, and extended post-surgical NSAID use and
      their relationship to the occurrence and severity of
      corneal adverse events. Additionally, the association of
      these adverse events with particular subsets of
      patients and the extensive concomitant use with other
      medications, particularly topical steroids, are less well

      * * * * *

      We are confident that
      our products, when used according to label
      directions, are safe and effective. However, because we are
      concerned about these issues, Alcon has decided, in the
      interest of patient safety, to suspend distribution of our
      NSAID products, Diclofenac Sodium Ophthalmic Solution
      and Profenal (suprofen) Sterile Ophthalmic Solution

      Alcon has initiated discussions with the Food and Drug
      Administration on the need to develop new labeling that more
      specifically addresses the potential for problems associated
      with topical NSAID use. It is expected that labeling
      changes will be designed to include improved directions
      for use and additional warnings and precautions
      concerning the potential for serious corneal adverse events,
      particularly in susceptible populations.

    • Good call, Oldest one!

      As you know, pigs go to market and hogs get slaughtered!!

      Best, the Deuce

    • <EOM>

    • bought back in. had to. kicking myself I sold really

    • Pyott wants to grow the company from within. They
      already missed out on the excimer laser business. It
      would have to be an RX with growth. Who did the sell
      the MD Formulation to in the divestiture. What ever
      happened to to Deucewood. Miss his comments and
      Depth of Management could not handle a merger
      at this time. Possibly the new CFO is reviewing
      candidates. It would have to be small mainly a biotech who
      could use the sales force.

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