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  • lowroller13 lowroller13 Jan 7, 2000 6:22 PM Flag

    AGN in 2000

    Where will AGN go in 2000. They have one year
    left before BOL makes its run. Can AGN compete with
    Alcon and then be able to withstand the "new" BOL. AGN
    has to grow and with Alcon having a nice pipeline of
    products for year 2000, where is the growth going to come
    from. Is AGN a RX or a Biotech for the decade of 2000.

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    • Do you still bother with this board?

      sense is not many people care to comment about this
      sleepy-assed company any more!

      Could it be Pyott has
      done the easy stuff (downsizing, resizing, layoffs,
      canning people, et. al.) and now faces an uphill-slope in
      trying to compete in the TOTAL stock market with true
      growth companies? When the "wire" carries a story about
      co-selling/marketing with Dura I have some room for suspicion about
      the lack of substantive news. Afterall, co-selling is
      neither new nor inventive. Seems they had something
      similar with Fisons years ago..........


      Best, the Deuce

    • Hi xmyope:

      Notice the space? Someone is
      having fun with the real oldeyeguy.

      Could it be
      him with a cheap alias?

      What good is fun
      unless you have it, eh?

      Otherwise, this is a dead
      message board.

      Best, the Deuce

    • responding to whom you thought you were.

      Must require limited cranial capacity to have to impersonate someone else on an investor message board.


    • Darn it, Ol deyeuy, would you please stop
      refering to me as "peckerwood'!!!!!!!

      You know
      "wood-pecker" is much more like me.

      Anyway, good to know
      you're back in the U.S.

      Also, watch those Palm
      Pilots. The battery might run down too soon.

      the Deuce

    • Look for Allergan to team up with another
      pharmaceutical company to promote their new allergy drop
      launching this spring. The co-marketing aggreement will
      allow Allergan to promote to Primary CAre and
      Allergists. This will play a key role in the success of the
      drug. As you know Alcon controls the allergy market
      with close to a 70% market share with

      Do not know who the partner will be....but there
      will be one!

    • Hi. What's new at BOL, or do you mean B&L, and Alcon that would make me consider selling AGN?
      With regard to AGN's top line, what is the status of Restasis? Is this built into price?

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