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    Endovasc Applauds Result of Generxs Non-Surgical By-Pass
    Adds That Endovasc's Own Nicotine Therapy Proved Twice
    as Potent
    21, 2000--Dr. David P. Summers, Chairman and CEO of
    Endovasc Ltd., Inc. (ENDV:OTC) today stated that the
    announcement that Fibrolast Growth Factor-4 (FGF-4) gene
    therapy used in clinical trials sponsored by Collateral
    Therapeutics Inc. produced positive results was great news for
    the field of angiogenesis, the creation of new blood
    vessels to circumvent blocked arteries to the heart.

    But, he added, recent work done at Stanford
    University, which has been licensed by Endovasc, showed that
    FGF-4 did slightly better than the controls. The study
    also demonstrated that Endovasc's own growth factor
    nicotine applied in small harmless doses - was twice as
    powerful as FGF in animal studies.

    ``The study
    conducted at Stanford University by Dr. Christian Heeschen
    and co-workers was a well-characterized one that
    measured quantifiable fibrovascular growth, capillary
    density and blood flow measured by magnetic resonance
    imaging (MRI),'' Dr. Summers said. ``Unequivocally, the
    work demonstrated that low-dose nicotine was two-fold
    more effective not only over FGF-4 but also another
    promising growth factor, DEL-1. We are also pleased that
    the Stanford work, just announced at the March 13th
    conference of the American College of Cardiology, was
    honored by that important organization as one of the
    outstanding studies of the national meeting of

    Dr. Summers pointed out that non-surgical
    angiognesis may not only benefit the six million angina
    patients in this nation by creating new blood vessels to
    circumvent blocked arteries, but could reduce the need for
    the 500,000 coronary by-pass operations and the
    800,000 angioplasties performed each year in North
    America, let alone worldwide.``

    Endovasc estimates
    that the market for a successful angiogenesis product
    would surpass $2 billion by 2005.

    Ltd., Inc. (ENDV:OTC), is a biopharmaceutical company
    specializing in products covered by patents to improve
    circulation in limbs and heart.