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  • zackd1691 zackd1691 Apr 25, 2011 5:11 PM Flag

    This, ladies and gentleman, is the top.

    Once momentum starts to the downside, this stock will not quit falling. Worried? Wait until after earnings are announced. It won't be too late to put your short position after the first day of precipitious decline. We are sitting at the highest valuation OpenTable will ever have.

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    • This is JUNK.........FACEBOOK will move into the Networking sector and run this POS out of town.

    • See!!! Told you so. Next week this POS will be trading in the mid-70s if you longs are lucky!!!

    • I think this is very likely. I am not short per se, but have sold option spreads at prices higher than today's price to take advantage of the volatility and hope to see a very nice return.

      Today the stock seems to be taking a breather, however this was a day in which the market in general went nowhere. There was some upwards movement at the open, which I took to be an indication of momentum orders that had stacked up over the long weekend, but once they were gone then it was mostly uphill sledding.

      The 15-minute chart for the day confirms this will a huge white candle for the first 15 minutes with positive money flow, but the money flow for the day as a whole was negative, probably with some money being taken off the table after recent gains.

      I would not be surprised to see the stock inching downwards tomorrow, and don't expect to see any surge upwards at the open. I think if it doesn't go up at the open, then it finishes lower.