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  • sck352 sck352 Feb 17, 2002 12:01 PM Flag


    starting its recovery, but why is the NAZ starting its decline down to post 9/11 lows???

    It just seems like there is no light at the end of this tunnel...I keep hearing and seeing posts of 1500 on the NAZ and 8500 on DOW, what type if any of a recovery are we in???

    From my understanding the markets usually run 6 months in advance which would take us upto Sept., so if that is true Naz should be above 2000, but thats not the case!!!!

    I know the MM's rule the freakin markets, but how can the NAZ retest or make new lows when the economy is picking up??? This is one strange market!!!!

    Can anyone explain?

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    • RE: want to know why? because you apparently are listening to the analysts & cnbc and are without doubt being mislead. dont let Greenspan lead you either. Anything he does is not good for the market & is either past due, or blaintant lie. Learn to realize that when you have this many companies going down & bk in this nation and the whole world economy suffering to the point that major nations have all reduced interest rates and dont forget the enron's, Kmarts, the airlines, security costs, war, and all kinds of chaos that is taking place. this will drag out for a LONG LONG time, so save your cash and buy these big caps when they break year lows only... if then. Throw all analysts speculations away as if they never existed and you will be on the track to a good investor. use your sense as to what is really happening out there! Dont be mis lead... too many people are lead like sheeps led to slaughter. I was one myself until I learned the hard way. IMO

    • They said it because things go up, must come down. Things go down, must come up.

      However, History does not repeat itself this time in the Market.

      One factor that will bring the Market down is a new WAR with IRAQ.

      With the talk going on around in Washington about the War, many MMs are on the sideline to see when it will happen.

      You can hear a lot on T.V. about the WAR to bring down Saddam, how can you sleep holding the stock?

      You can no longer look at the stock movement beyond the end of each week. Every factors play the role in the Stock market.

    • I find it very interesting that many of the NAZ stocks are below 9/11 levels, but the QQQ is 25% above its low of $28 on 9/11. So perhaps investors/trades are willing to buy the QQQ since it doesn't have individual stock risk associated with it and you don't have to worry about Enronitis...what do you think?

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      • The semiconductor stocks are keeping the Nasdaq and QQQ propped up. When the semis' excessively good performance since 9/11 is backed out of the Nasdaq, it looks like the Nasdaq would be approaching 1500.

        'Everybody' has 'learned' about the chip (semiconductor) cycle (buy when the chip PE's stink, sell when the chip PE's are terrific), so the beginners think they can just blindly buy the chips without regard to the stocks' long term valuations.

        The fools will learn once again that once the whole market 'knows' something, the something will no longer work.

        Started shorting the semis (SMH and AMAT) last week. Just bought my first 1000 JNPR in AH friday.

        Like shooting fish in a barrel with a bazooka.

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