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  • rusweet111 rusweet111 Jun 11, 2002 11:05 PM Flag

    Short sellers are economic terrorists

    Greatness of any person is to build things, not destroy them. Without JNPR and YHOO likes how would shorties communicate? Six billion people on the planet will use internet and there is a lot of growth here over the years.

    Stop this irrational shortism.

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    • alex_the_short_seller alex_the_short_seller Jun 12, 2002 12:44 AM Flag

      Every last one of you posters on this "shorts are terrorists" or "shorts help Al Qaeda" theme are the biggest morons on the chat boards -- and that's saying something.

      So you think it's patriotic to buy overpriced stocks? Really? In what way is it patriotic to pay more for something than its intrinsic worth? Do you think investors should support the stocks of companies that are incapable of running a profitable business? Do you think investors should not have sold the stocks of Enron and Adelphia simply because these are American companies?

      Where do you people come from?!?

      Consider that, if Juniper were reporting a 20 cent per share profit for this quarter, with sequential earnings growth at 5% for next quarter, there would be no chance of this stock falling from current levels. The fact is that the fundamentals for this company have deteriorated. This is why the stock is being sold, and not by short sellers, but by the longs themselves.

      I would also go into a dissertation of the critical role played by short sellers in propping up the market and providing liquidity at critical times when the longs themselves will not buy, but I think you all are really hopeless.

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      • The fundamentals have deteriorated, but the Internet is not going out of business. Juniper will be stronger company once that Unisphere is finally integrated. The edge router is not as weak as the core router market. Unisphere has been increasing market share. And CSCO does not have a T640. Carriers might take longer time to give the new router a try. But they will have to upgrade since some are running at 80-90 % of capacity. You must admit that T640 is the fastest router out there. CSCO has no competing product.

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