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  • rhinos_cows rhinos_cows Aug 3, 2003 2:40 AM Flag

    Stop H1B visas!

    Save American jobs

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    • Congress is against these visas now. They are a thing of the past.

    • This is all bull shit ! The world is moving afst towards globalisation and labour unions as well as ordinary citizens cannot stop the process. Both Republicans and Democrats support free trade and investment overseas.

      Those getting H1B visas are usually paid less than American citizens. Companies hire them because of lower labor costs advantages. If the number of H1B visas were limited and greatly reduced, many of those peojects which involved H1B visas holders would be cancelled and that would affect Americans working for those companies. For example in Italy thousands of small companies survived because of lower cost Eastern European labor. Had the government passes stricter laws and hired more inspectors, those companies would've gone under and many Italians working there would've become unemployed. Any rational individual would agree that Italians did the right thing. This may happen in the US too.

      Had unemployed Americans agreed to be paid less than they were 2-3 years ago (in some cases 30-50 % less) they might be working now.

    • come from the land of the Rhino and want one - please arrange .... Actuallty I think I have a renewal there but cant find a job to take it up :) - so we are in the same situation!

    • Speaking of American jobs...even FOX commented on this response...

      Reporter to Bush:

      "President Bush, there is much talk in the press concerning all the technical jobs that are being moved overseas, especially to places like India and China. I'm sure you are aware of this and also concerned as to the future of the tech workers in the U.S. Can you please tell us what you plan to do about all these American jobs leaving".

      Bush response:

      "People need to visit their community colleges and learn about the technical training that is available there. I'm a great believer in the Community college system. People can get the training they need for (these) technical jobs."

      God Help America....

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