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  • hak_azzouzi hak_azzouzi Jan 15, 2004 10:43 AM Flag

    3Com Extr Avci still loosing money

    Why JNPR is standing UP when NSD is down?
    JNPR is not loosing money, but already making profit, when other big names are still loosing.
    High grow potentiel strong management well know brand and product 2004 will be JNPR year.

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    • How about by their standard of living? Life span is another good one.

      And you have to use averages of all people in the country.

    • I'm not surprise that you think Japan is feeling better after what they have suffer.

      You will never read from me that North Korean or Middle East people are perfect.

      I do not know how to scale Intellect of a nation or culture, but certainly not counting numbers of lights and Fast food is their biggest avenue.

    • I Agree.

      I will not be here to see all that.
      Future generations will.

      Anyway goodluck to you.

    • I think the japanese are much happier as a people then they were before, during and just after WWII.

      There is a big difference between the Japanese and the mid easterners. And I am not trying to call anyone names, but there intellect is far superior. And look where there culture is today. Better yet, look at the differences between North and South Korea today. That about sums it all up in the nut shell.

      It will take a long time to rub out the ignorance in the mid east.

      And when I say ignorance, I am specifically talking about what seems to the rest of the world like a majority of the population in the mid east that think it is okay to run a suicide bomber onto a bus with children to try and make any kind of a point.

    • Thank you. I recieve your blessing for them.

      I like egging people on on this board, and you have taken it with some humor.

      The dollar will rise again. It is just a matter of time.

      Investing here from outside the US is an excellent value right now, because of the favorable exchange rate. As the market grows & dollar rises, you get a double benefit.

      One day the Yuan or Euro will come alongside, and maybe even supplant the dollar, as the foremost world currency. The Euro is sure making a stab at it right now. But the Yen failed to do it a decade ago. We'll see.

      If & when the $ is no longer biggest, our debt will hurt us badly.

      I'm not sure the EU can hold together long-term. Its member-states' long history would suggest it can't, for too long. We'll see about that. too.

    • Finally you're finding yourself french!!!!

      What ever I'm from you should have not mention the fact that I'm from France or else.

      Hope you will remember next time.

    • Hey, hak..

      Where is your family originally from?

      hak_azzouzi doesn't exactly sound French to me.

      You want a REAL kick in the head??

      My history comes from "mature nations."

      On one side, it's the UK. My grandmother (who is still alive at 100) came to the US for economic reasons about 80 years ago.

      On the other side, it is the UK and (get THIS).....FRANCE!!!! HA!!!!

      The Carre' family had to ESCAPE from France--to England, and then the US--to escape France's murderous religious persecutions.

      I probably have more French in me, than you have in you. [And, I know what place it deserves.]

    • Did your past allows you to give any lesson to other countries.
      I do not think japenese share this point of view.

    • God bless your children.

      Why I'm here, for the same reason than you.
      If you have any cloud on economy you should know that there is no parity between $ and gold.
      When ever people will be fedup to finance your deficit, not long from now, they will put they invest in Euros, then you will learn hardly
      that priniting US$ is not a solution anymore.

      If you need infos about populations you have to know that future heavyweight nations of the world are China and India more than 1B people each.
      Old Europe "as you say" will count over 500M people EDUCATED within the next 50 years and comeback as the first economy of the world again.
      Of course you will remain a regional power, you 'll probably feel very proud about it.

    • You are damn right Oil. That is the only thing that can pull the mid east out of the nightmare they currently find themselves in.

      Else it will be destroyed by themselves or us via a nuclear nightmare that I hope I never have to see.

      It is not the oil! It is all about keeping the world from ending at the hands of a handful of crazy fundamentalist.


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