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  • cakeman2l2 cakeman2l2 Feb 4, 2004 6:05 PM Flag

    Does Cramer Disclose Ownership On Show?

    I have never heard Cramer disclose if he owns, his hedge fund ownes or has an interest in a stock when commenting on that stock. Do the rules not apply to him in his coverage of a stock. I think he is walking a fine line here. What does the board think.

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    • What you are suggesting would be called "Front running" & no the SEC would not allow anyone to front run the market = Except of course that you are Martha Stewart and you like hanging out in law courts for a living?!?!?!?!

    • u must be 1 stupid fcuk.

    • I couldn't agree more. I think he may be committing a crime - promoting stocks that he has a financial interest in. He is, at a minimum, in a very gray area. I'm surprised that CNBC is willing to but their name behind him.

      The real thing to watch for is when Crammer STOPS talking about JNPR. According to his personal rules, he won't buy or sell a stock within x days of talking about it. It seems to me that he bought a bunch of JNPR and has spent the last several days pumping it. When he stops talking about it, that will be the clue that he is going to sell it.

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      • ok boys..............I can see by your posts that you are in the dark....among other things..... To set it straight. Cramer does not own a single share of JNPR.... He thinks it is great company and a worthy stock... On the radio he mentioned it would be a great trading vehicle...if u are into short-term trading...for the next 3-5weeks. He does not own JNPR in Action Alert. a good fella.. is just giving his listnership some ideas on how to play the market.......that is all. What is the problem with so many of u that want to put the guy down...I have made plenty of money with is astounding actually...I have been trading now just 4 years....and have to say....for me he has been a great help. Don't put the man down.....learn something from him...He is so resticted on what he can buy and sell and still makes a ton of money within those restrictions...try it yourself......then talk.
        good luck

      • The real question is DOES HE BUY OR SELL A STOCK BEFORE HE TALKES ABOUT IT. It appears that he is long on jnpr and does not want it to go down. If what he has said that HE WILL NOT BUY OR SELL a stock after talking about it that is why he is pumping jnpr. Does he also say that his HEDGE FUND WILL NOT BUY OR SELL a stock after he talkes about it?

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