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  • zentrad3r zentrad3r Feb 21, 2004 3:27 PM Flag

    Action Alers Plus from

    any comment on Action Alerts Plus disclaimer statement: (see item ii and iii)

    James J. Cramer is a Markets Commentator for, Inc., as well as a director and our co-founder. is a publisher and a registered investment adviser. The Action Alerts PLUS Portfolio (the "Portfolio") contains all of Mr. Cramer's personal investments in publicly-traded equity securities only, and does not include any mutual fund holdings or other institutionally managed assets, private equity investments, or his holdings in, Inc. Results take into account dividends paid, interest earned on cash, and actual commissions paid. Trades in the Portfolio are generally executed upon receipt of confirmation that the Action Alert email containing the report of such trade has been sent to all Action Alerts PLUS subscribers. Results obtained by subscribers may differ from results obtained by Mr. Cramer for many reasons, including, without limitation: (i) the large size of the Portfolio and the high volume of shares traded by Mr. Cramer tend to reduce the effect of commissions on the overall return of the Portfolio relative to the generally smaller portfolios of subscribers, (ii) the prices of stocks in the Portfolio at the point in time subscribers begin subscribing to Action Alerts PLUS may be higher than such prices at the time of Mr. Cramer's purchases of them, and (iii) subscribers may not have the capital to trade as frequently as Mr. Cramer. Additionally, Mr. Cramer is subject to certain trading restrictions, and must hold all securities in the Action Alerts PLUS Portfolio for at least one month, and is not permitted to buy or sell any security he has spoken about on television or on his radio program, for five days following the broadcast.

    Action Alerts PLUS contains Mr. Cramer's own opinions, and none of the information contained therein constitutes a recommendation by Mr. Cramer or that any particular security, portfolio of securities, transaction, or investment strategy is suitable for any specific person. You further understand that Mr. Cramer will not advise you personally concerning the nature, potential, value or suitability of any particular security, portfolio of securities, transaction, investment strategy or other matter. To the extent any of the information contained in Action Alerts PLUS may be deemed to be investment advice, such information is impersonal and not tailored to the investment needs of any specific person. Mr. Cramer's past results are not necessarily indicative of future performance. DO NOT EMAIL MR. CRAMER SEEKING PERSONALIZED INVESTMENT ADVICE, WHICH HE CANNOT PROVIDE.

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    • yep and you must be a lamentin leming who missed da move from single digits


    • Yeah I am long on JNPR and Cramer is bullish on it and yes he does not own it. And I don't see where any of that conflicts. He has said it would be a great TRADE(short term) which would make it unsuitable for an INVESTMENT(long term) portfoio. His time horizon is about 12 months and due to the rules by which he can own stock if he buys somthing he has to hold it for at least 1 month. So if something were to move in that time frame as would be in the case of a TRADE and he needed to get out of it he would be unable to. And yes I did read his book cover to cover and lots of hedge funds got creamed that year. What is your point? He was brutally honest about it if you think he is a boob than don't listen. He most certainly got caught on the wrong side of the curve that year but you know he is a human being and I think he has always been a better investor than a trader

    • Let me get this straight. You are long JNPR because Cramer is bullish on JNPR, a stock that he doesn't own. How bullish can he really be if he doesn't own it?

      Did you ever read Cramer's book? The guy would have lost his hedge fund a few years ago except for the actions of his wife whom he refers to as the "trading goddess."

    • You are exhausitng so I'll make this easy.

      Here's your statement once again--
      "He is not allowed to own options or Short the market."

      (which by the way doesn't say he can't own JNPR)
      I'm letting that one go because that's not the debate.

      Since we are talking about the disclaimer in the initial thread, show me where it states such?
      That's all I've been asking this whole time.

      I'll make it "convienant" for you unlike yourself as so stated here--
      "As far as proof it is all there the link to the website would mearly be a matter of convenience" so instead of arguing why not make it convienant like I am here.

      I'll await a simple answer to a simple question.


    • You are absolutely incredible! his disclaimer contains statments to protect himself and the consumer with respect to the application of the advice he provides. It is a fee based service so if you want to know what he owns sign up for it or shut up already. if he mentions the name of a stock he is frozen in it for 5 days do you get it? I have told you because I am a member of the service that he does not currently own the stock. If you believe me fine if not thats fine as well. There has been nothing factual about your speculation that he owns the damn stock. What would be the point of charging a fee for the service if he had to list what he owns to everyone else who didn't pay? This did get escalated to an undesirable point mostly because you are not understanding what I am writing. My response to the origial post said two things 1) He dosen't own JNPR however he is bullish on it and 2) Explaining the disclaimer listed on the bottom of Action Alerts plus that seems to be the source of much controvrsy (with you) everything else has been your attempt to discredit what I am saying. There was nothing false about what I said once again if you want to see his cards you have to sign up I didn't make that rule but again it costs you nothing to see his portfolio. You keep looking at half the picture if I have talked about it.It is only because you have brought it up


      you state--
      "mentions a name on the radio/TV he discloses his position again read it"

      For the billionth time we are not talking about any radio show we're talking about the intial post to this thread.

      What does that have to do with the inital factual post in this thread?

      Go pick that apart the initial thread if you like, not some membership claim you expect people to subscribe to.

      you state--
      "sign up for 2 weeks and see for yourself"

      I shouldn't have to sign up for anything.

      If you can't substantiate your posts because you need to be a member of a service than don't get upset when someone doesn't believe you.

      Why are you so vioursly defending Cramer.
      It started with an inocent post about his disclaimer and you escalated it by making false statements abou the INITAL post.

      Get it!
      Stick to the INITAL POST in this thread.

      Learn to comprehend what I'm saying


    • What is so hard to understand?
      1) He does not own JNPR if you don't believe me fine sign up for 2 weeks and see for yourself
      2) Learn to read and comprehend English then you will understand his rules for owning stock
      if this is beyond your capabilities I understand
      I am in disbelief that you truly think what you do no one can be that stupid so clearly you have your own agenda Good luck with it! As far as proof it is all there the link to the website would mearly be a matter of convenience he publicly states the rules under which he can own stock if you want to see what he owns the you can certainly go see it by the way every time he mentions a name on the radio/TV he discloses his position again read it

    • Give it up.
      Stick to the intial post in this thread (which has proof) or support your statements with evidence.
      Pretty simple.

      you state--
      "For you to ignore something that is plain as day gives me (along with everyone else)"

      1)- if it's plain is day why do I have to join a membership and why can't you post the "plain as day" source
      2)interesting to see that you're the President of the yahoo board and speak for "everyone" as you put it.

      Next time you'll learn not to be so agressive with your posts if you can't back them up.

      Like I stated earlier, It's staggering that JNPR has that many articles from just one source.



    • No, the bottom line is we are talking about his rules of engagement with regaurd to owning stocks. If you wanted to check it out it costs nothing but I guess its better to sit and speculate about what kind of "scandal" he is running because it is certainly more logical think think he would risk CNBC, his radio show, and website all of which is dependant on his having the trust of the public not to mention SEC intervention but no it makes more sense to think there is something up. I said you could use the trial to see for yourself he does not own JNPR. You keep thinking whatever you like seems like your pretty good at twisting things around. For you to ignore something that is plain as day gives me (along with everyone else) a good indication that you only see what you want to or what happens to suit your need. And once again the website is a public company there are many contibuters to it he simply provides content there must be at least a dozen writers there if not more. Well I've wasted enough time on this. Got to go enjoy the rest of your weekend

    • Bottom line is we are talking about the disclaimer initated in this thread and that's it. No radio show, nothing. Nobody is going to join a membership just because you want them to. Are you one of Cramer's friends?
      The disclaimer is there for everyone to see without joining anything.

      If there's some way to post his holdings that would be great. Probably not necessary because from here all you have to do is see the volume of articles Cramers website posts in regards to JNPR.

      It's staggering that JNPR has that many articles from just one source.

      Cody Willard written some of those articles and not only is he bullish but he's long JNPR

      Like I've stated all along it's unusual (volume of articles from one source only) and people should be cautious.
      That's it.


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