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  • bdollinger2 bdollinger2 Mar 9, 2004 3:29 PM Flag

    shorting here is crazy...

    but then again, who is bold enough to go long?

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    • I'll have plenty of time to get back in.

      Lucky makes money but missed this little round. It might be a blessing in disguise too.

    • "Re: shorting here is crazy...
      by: luckydaze_2000 03/09/04 03:57 pm
      Msg: 318378 of 318568

      I feel even thought he price looks good, the real pain point for longs on this stock hasn't been reached yet.

      I'd really like to see 22.90 or so on the stock before going in long. Also, I don't see the stock trading that much higher from here either and has the risk of collapsing again.

      And, i don't think this correction is over yet. We need more pain, more hurt."

      LuckyDaze_2000, You should have bought at $23.65 on Tuesday. I think your hesitatition for bold move has costed you $1 per share already. Watch JNPR hit above $30 in 2 months.

    • ok old man take the tool out of your ass...


    • They already upgraded, remember? Now they look like fools.

      High P/E is one thing; you picked the top hog. Not saying you won't make some money off the pig, but let's not pretend it's not a squealing oinker manipulated to hell until it periodically bursts. serious downtrend since the "upgrades". Sp opu're waiting for more upgrades?

      Admit it, you just love the pigs.

    • I almost bought today at 23.65
      Just canceled the order in time. Never know, but options might take it back to 25 by the 19th.

    • Do you honestly believe that analysts upgrade first and then buy it? By the time the upgrades came out, institution already loaded up in high teens and low 20's. upgrades came out after their purchase, JNPR rocketed to 30's. Some fund mangers have sold off around 30's and some have sold off in mid to high 20's. Now, they are accumulating. Once they get their shares, there will be upgrades. It's a manupulation of the market. But it's legal and happens all the time.

      If you afraid of high P/E. Get out of tech stocks. They will always high P/E. You can't compare oranges to apples. If you want low P/E, invest in Disney. By end of this year, investment in JNPR will would have been a better investment than Disney.

    • He calls it a "bargain" now that the P/E is down to, say, 225!

    • The mid twenties eh? The stock flew from low twenties to upper twenties in the space of one pre-market session.

      It was upper twenties by the time the upgrades took. For all intents and purposes the upgrade were there for the buyers in the thirties to rely on. Even so, according to your theory the funds already bought in on the upgrades as the stock flew past 28 to 30 after earnings. So did they sell again and not mention it during the long downtrend since? And now you say they will upgrade again so they can buy in? To what, Super duper Strong Buy?

      Find your own link. Hint: try B of A.

    • It's nice to know that you like to ram another guy's "azz". You and your signicant can use all Ky you want and play with each other. I guess we should call you "Homer does Azz".

      You don't need a towel you can lick and swallow your friend's drippy Ky.

      Let's keep your gay fantasy out of this boardroom.

    • when JNPR announces another aquisition in the next 3 and your pennies are going to get the pain and get it up the azz. all that will be left is the drippy Ky residue from all that pounding you;r gonna take!

      Ill hand you a "terry" towel to clean up

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