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  • denzerini denzerini Oct 22, 2010 12:32 PM Flag

    Reason for pull-back...

    AXU is trading as if it is getting ready to announce a secondary offering. I could be wrong but I've seen the pattern before on a number of occasions. Also makes sense since they will likely need funds to implement their production plans.

    Should this be the case, the time to buy would be after they make the official secondary price announcement.


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    • How do I rate this a minus 10? Read "tburkes" post & do some intelligent research......unless you are short. They will not issue more stock unless they find huge gold at Brewrey Creek and even then they may want to grow organically. This management is smart, experienced and not "BIG EGO" driven. They will model for growth based on prudent financial, engineering, and processing risk peramiters. Lots of resources, no rush to accumulate KILLER debt and spread management/employee resources too thin. Growth is very hard to manage properly. Fast expansion has killed many a "winner operation" This team will not do that....even new plant is transportable & can be moved if need be. 2 out of the 3 months in 2010 will attain maximum output & clearly demonstrate results to justify a double from here by end of Feb 2011. Good luck. PS, they have exploration results from previous operators that identify huge potential but sec requirements today are more stringent so they can't use them. They must do new drilling under proper format....only a matter of time before new resources can be added to balance sheet because they know where to drill! Bought more today and if Hecla moves up after earnings next week, I will sell it and buy more AXU.

    • They don't need a secondary offering. Silver Wheaton did not give them all the money up front. When they are in production they get the rest. They are operating well within budget.

      The whole sector was down. AXU is still very volitile as it is still a speculative stock until the first announced solid profit.

    • doubt it... we've had a big spike up (along with ag and lots of pm stocks) that had to be digested a bit... a good pause and cleanout... silver has at least! one more push up before year end... after which would be the more logical time in terms of the seasonal cycle

    • Could be the earnings estimates. There were only two analysts forecasting earnings for AXU. The low estimate was 15 cents. The high estimate was 60 cents.

      Now there is only one analyst forecasting earnings, the 15 cent guy. So the concensus went from 38 cents to 15 cents. AXU is trading at 32 times 15 cents, but only 13 times 38 cents.

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