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  • platinum_investor platinum_investor Mar 29, 2012 7:53 PM Flag

    I'm looking forward to QE3

    As much as some people I've read (TIM. B) calling Alexco a complete flop of a company. I just don't see it.

    They have had very little hiccups in the first year. I've seen some real disasters and Alexco is close to perfection when trying to navigate the task of starting up a mill / mine the first year.

    Some people just expect perfection. Those people will never be happy and will keep searching for that perfection and never find it.

    Or maybe some people just need to complain and be heard. Either or.

    Just sayin...

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    • Also, don't forget the certainty with which you stated that the SP for AXU would be at least $14 by this point in time. Only 50% off in that prediction. If thats a hiccup I'd hate to hear you what you consider a belch.

    • A favorite tactic they use is quoting best case scenarios, and then pointing out that they weren't reached, and claiming that as failure. Also juming on any glitch in performance and beating that horse to a frenzy. You're right, Plat. Only perfection is acceptable to them. No room for error.

    • Almost a 30% miss in production for 2011.
      2012 production estimates are off by almost 40% and we're just through the 1st quarter.
      Last earnings report averaged only a penny and a half per quarter, down approx.75% from previous quaterly report .
      Production costs continue to spiral upwards.
      Major capital expeditures in 2012.
      Continuing power supply issues.
      These are just a few of the minor hiccups right Plat?

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      • I appreciate your DD perspective. Your comments on AXU are more like the way one would look at a senior producing company with with poor reserve growth prospects. This company only has one year of production. They are also a robust explorer as well in a very high grade property. The prospects are good for large high grade deposits. They also know the area well, and may be looking at other properties that few know about, especially with the environmental business that can gather valuable intel. The Yukon is slowly turning into a mining boom region, and Alexco is established with good political connections.

        What is your estimate for silver reserves, say two years out?

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