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  • klongterm klongterm Dec 2, 2008 1:21 PM Flag

    PM really is starting to get on my



    Drops when the market goes down and only moves up slightly if at all when the market goes down.


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    • Look at the volume. Its hedge funds unloading.

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      • Dew Man is very likely correct in his observation. Two days ago, Bloomberg ran a segment reporting that hedge funds still have potentially billions in securities remaining to 'unwind.' The Company has no control over who buys its shares - or who sells them, and at what price.

        Fundamentally, PM is quite sound, and I, for one, take Management at their word when they state that trends remain robust, and that they have witnessed no appreciable brand 'trade down.' On a personal note, I continue to hold these shares, and recently added more at $39.94.

        One final thought regarding the U.S. dollar. Do market participants truly believe that the several trillions of dollars being pumped into the domestic ( indeed - world ) monetary system by the Federal Reserve will have _no_ deleterious effect at all upon the 'value' of the dollar in the coming years? Do not kid yourselves. The dollar may be experiencing a 'flight to quality' trade at present ( thus the current absurdly low bill, note and bond rates ), but extrapolate out two years or more. What do you think you will see?

        Buy U.S.-domeciled multinationals - as they fall - which benefit from a weak dollar. PM is the _premier_ name in that universe. When the dollar retreats once again, this firm will, quite frankly, 'mint' money. Until such a time, collect the 5.4% dividend ( more than double the 10-year Treasury bond yield - which, unlike the bond yield, will continue to grow, and well above the rate of inflation at that ).

        That is no exaggeration.

    • how many shares do you own? You sound like you have your entire nest egg tied up in this one stock and are obsessing. Do you count every tick?

    • You've been saying that for a couple months now...guess you like torturing other reason for you to continue to hold a stock you feel so uncomfortable with (unlike just about everyone else here who has a longer term view than 5 minutes on this stock).

    • Herr Klong! Still at it, I see. You should enter a sell 'good 'til cancel' order at your original price, whatever that may be ( or perhaps a few pennies above it, to cover commission costs ), and not look back.

      It will execute one day, and your long nightmare will be over!

    • Sell it, Klong, and be done with it. Use the tax loss.

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