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  • david11223 david11223 Mar 13, 2010 2:36 PM Flag

    I am in PM

    Hi New investor in PM. I bought 550 shares at 50 dollars a share.

    One thing I like about this stock is that it does all of its business overseas. I really believe the dollar will be worth less in the near future. So it helps out PM.

    Would love to hear from fellow longs why they invest in PM.

    Also, dividend seems very safe and the buyback is sweet like sugar.

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    • PM is my largest holding, that really isn't saying much about the size of my portfolio...but, I see PM as the foundation of my retirement portfolio. Dividend is safe, and room for solid single digit growth rate into the foreseeable future. Share buyback is huge, any weakness in price simply means PM gets to buyback more shares, so I look forward to the temporary dips we will have in the future as PM moves forward to a stock split, which I think will occur in the intermediate term. (yeah I know, but they do attract new investors)

      Still have half my original MO shares that I purchased back in the 90s when they dipped under $19 share. Best purchase I ever made. I sold half at $48 years ago, in hindsight the worst sale I ever made. Although taking profits is never wrong.

    • this is about as low risk as any stock right now (with dividends!)....its one of the first stocks which recovered nice since the DOW was at 6000...wise choice

    • Good Luck to you, as I have prospered with this company for over 15 years. I have held throught trials and tribs, and although scary at times have added to my position.
      The management of this company is what I would call "investor friendly" and I base this on things that they have done over the years.
      I had additional purchases in MO when the states agreed to the settlement in the class action suit years ago.
      Considering the spinoffs of KFT, an PM from the original MO shares, as well as the stock splits and dividend increases over the years, it's hard to not like the management of this company.
      I am an ex-smoker for the last 25+ years, and you will find many bashers on this board. Sometimes it is difficult to sort through it, but I don't see that changing soon.
      Anyway, my wish for a new investor is that you have the same success that I have had (or even more) with this company. They are keenly aware of what they want to accomplish. It's just too bad that the litigation costs have always been so high, but that's part of the game.
      In the meantime, enjoy the dividends that come your way.
      Once again, Good Luck.

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      • I have owned MO since 2005. In fact, I sold of GOOG to buy MO. Since then, I sold KFT to buy more MO, then sold MO to buy all PM once those spin offs occured. Starting in late 2006 I switched to a broker with free dividend reinvestment. I have periodically added and the mother of all additions was last March at $33.76 per share, perhaps my best purchase ever.

        I am now over 600 shares, age 33, in my Roth and I plan to just let it ride, preferably forever. Plenty of opportunities overseas, as well as a big innovator in tobacco products and endless opportunities for acquisitions all over the place in int tobacco.

    • Welcome to the PM family. I bought 50 shares in February when the PIGS scare happened. I bought in at $47.38. I am looking to add another 100 shares in the very near future though. I think the dividend growth, cheap price and potential growth in emerging markets make this a great stock to buy, DRIP and forget about. In 20-25 years you could be getting a yield that is equal to your purchase price! :)

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