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  • shmecklestein_2 shmecklestein_2 Jan 16, 2013 1:26 PM Flag

    Another lie by SDK! So what's new?

    SDK says, "Lmao get with the program u jerk!! That was me!!"

    From the prior message link from above, notice how SDK says "Yeah shmuckle we made 7 times the profit of you!!!" he had posted in reference to my +$100,000 gain

    What a worthless liar!
    truly a white-trailer trash dirtball

    Re: Re: SupraCobra2001 should had listened to my AAPL call!
    by shmecklestein_2 . Dec 15, 2012 12:47 AM . Permalink Go to topic

    Re: SupraCobra2001 should had listened to my AAPL call!
    by sundancekid6766 . Dec 14, 2012 10:08 PM . Permalink

    Lmfao!!!! Yeah shmuckle we made 7 times the profit of you!!! So in me book that make you dumber than dirt!!!!! Keep talking to yourself u jerk!!! Btw i own no apple stock!!! And today i made + money b/c i don't have all of my eggs in one basket u bignose buffoon!!!!

    the kid

    Re: Re: Schmucklewitz...a weird-o
    by kidsundance0100 . 32 minutes ago . Permalink

    Lmao get with the program u jerk!! That was me!! And i already explained my gains and don't unlike u canary repeat myself to a**wipes!!! Cobra already told us his gains and if u missed it b/c you were playing with yourself thats to friggen bad!!! U jerk!!

    the kid

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    • SDK, you being the liar you are...what, no response to getting busted?


      • 1 Reply to shmecklestein_2
      • Yea, first SDK lays claim to that both he and Cobra are both up +$700,000 in unrealized gains and then in the above post he lies by saying that he was referring only to his unrealized 2012 gains but when confronted here with the truth he goes silent...and then instead he attacks my character in unrelated posts...along with Cobra...yea, this guy(s) is a real class act, but since SDK has no conscience and claims to hate everybody (definition of a bigot btw...) he still provides good fodder to heckle, bait and laugh it.

        They both exhibit psychopathic tendencies and thus I believe that they are one of the conscience while naively assuming that others believe their lies and can easily be fooled and manipulated...Gawd, could you imagine having that for a dad?

        A scary thought indeed.

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