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  • axpkocop axpkocop Jun 26, 2013 4:16 PM Flag

    Bought More IBM @ 195.1

    and 195.2 in IRA # 4 and 5.

    I never talk about IRA #5 because this was only the second trade in the last 15 years for this account other then buying some WFC using the cash from a CD that matured.

    I plan on making IBM a 10% holding in all my IRAs joining BRK, LO and PM.

    More to follow with June option expiration because I'm short put options with a strike price of 200.

    The perfect portfolio would be- 10%- BRK, PM, LO and IBM----5%- WFC, USB, AIG, STX, MSFT, COP and PSX.

    In other news- I had Jury Duty today but was not selected from the final pool.

    Thank you Lord.

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    • Bought large blocks of IBM in both my personal and farm accounts because the shares were put to me at 200 due to put options I was short. Net option adjusted cost is in the 195-196 range.

      I sold some DECK at 51.5 in my personal account to help fund the purchase. My farm account had the cash on hand but I still sold some bonds to raise additional cash.

      Last month I thought those DECK shares would be called away at 50 but the stock collapsed the week of option expiration. I still hold 40% of those original shares.

    • IRA #2-Bought more @ $189.565/sh

      Also bought more GLD @ 115.15/sh in the same account for a trade. This is the second attempt at trading the Gold ETF the last one reaping me a 4% return.

      In other news- It's going to be hot today in Oregon so I'll be picking the last of our strawberries and cherries today.

    • In my working days I could NOT attend every time for jury duty,especially when called way too often...The answer(not proud of it) is throw away notice... UNless they send you material with A signature return from you,you NEVER received it in the mail...It works,support my family first,then state government...GLWT...

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