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  • peaktrader10 peaktrader10 Jul 19, 2008 6:29 PM Flag

    Why Bush Jr is a Great President

    The U.S. has been fortunate to have four great presidents in a row. I've shown using orthodox economics, mathematics, and real data that U.S. living standards rose at a steeper rate in the 2000s than the 1990s. The standard of living is the ultimate economic measure (for more info, see link below).

    However, presidents have little power directing the economy. Ultimately, the economy is determined by foreign policy. The Bush Administration is correct being proactive preventing World War III, unlike Great Britain, which was reactive and appeasing before WWII, which turned it into a second rate power. The Bush Administration proposed a sound energy policy in 2001, which was rejected (see second link), won wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, in response to a potential Iraq revenge attack by a defiant Saddam or his sons, along with taking trillions of dollars of oil away from the regime (which is worth more today) and the 9/11 terrorist attack. In the 2000s, the Bush Administration expanded and built U.S. military bases throughout the Middle East. Recently, the U.S. has applied pressure on Iran.

    If we learned anything from history, it should be that it's better to pay a small price now being proactive rather than a large price later being reactive. Obviously, our Middle Eastern enemies want the U.S. "cut down to size," and some of our allies wouldn't mind that either.

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    • I stand corrected on Columbia University. I live in New York City as well, and I knew it was Columbia but had NYU on my mind for some reason. You didn't however respond to this guys ridiculous assertion that had the auditoriom laughing in his face. Does that sound like a rationally thinking individual?

      Also, I agee that George Bush is a traitor to America as i have stated seveval times on these boards.

      I do think that we have a right--and a responsiblity to the rest of the world--to protect the world from unstable rogue nations from aquiring nuclear capabilities. The world has changed and it is necessary now.

      I think you need to go back in history and look at all of the dominant powers in the world. I think the U.S. by historical standards has been quite judicious in the use of our power. Certainly nothing near as brutal as other dominant civilizations like the British, Spanish, Russians, Romans, Mongolians, etc. The truth is that we could squash any country on earth--but we choose not to. How many countries have we colonised? We could have taken control of Japan and a good chunk of Westen Europe after WWII was won--but we didn't. Instead, we rebuilt Japan and Germany. Now, ironically, they are putting our car companies out of business. Maybe we should have taken a page out of the history books and just taken what we conquered.

    • peak,

      its sad that most americans have no idea how right you are. We lost 50 million people in ww2 because Americas policy back then in 1938-39 when Hitler was gearing up was "Its not our fight." Now all these liberals talk about how evil bush is and he killed our boys over there to do favours for his oil buddies. I think this whole country needs to start watching the history channel or taking some sociology classes. Its funny how even the Iraqi govt had no problem in hanging saddam. Yet....we are the bad ones according to some of our owm americans!!!!! Wow!!!! God bless you. One day we will never need war again. This is not that day. Anyone who wants to work on "that" solution rather than blaming Bush can seriously email me. And by the way, look how Bush JR, and all of us have to pay for his own dads compassion and lack of pro-active initiative in finishing saddam back in the gulf war. Maybe 9/11 wouldnt have happened if he did.

      But dont worry, lets get a democrat in office who will give more benefits to people who cant speak english and then blame all the worlds problems on the republicans. This is getting old. I wish we'd have one party united. Then america would be strong again. In fact, my dream is one world order and lets burn the useless United Nations building to the ground and build a park for kids to enjoy themselves there.

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      • "In fact, my dream is one world order and lets burn the useless United Nations building to the ground and build a park for kids to enjoy themselves there."

        Well, you have something in common with the Bush family then. One small exception though, they would be running the world and you would either be gassed, in an interment camp or told what to do every day by a fascist government. Wow, sounds good, sign me up.

        Further, these primative idiots in the middle east are hardly comparable to fighting Nazi Germany and the Japanese simultaniously.

    • I have more faith in Wikipedia than a particular work at the Library of Congress. Wikipedia states:

      Regardless of whether they register their copyright, all publishers are required to submit two complete copies of their published works to the Library (of Congress)—this requirement is known as mandatory deposit.[10]

    • I think you and W shared a seat on the SHORT BUS together!Where do you come up with this crap??

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      • Fortunately, Bush is a realist:

        YASOUJ, Iran - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday said the United States' participation in the latest round of nuclear talks is a step toward recognizing Tehran's right to acquire nuclear technology.

        "It was a step toward recognizing the rights of the Iranian nation, toward justice, toward repairing your image in the world, toward cleaning 50 years of crimes you committed against the Iranian nation," Ahmadinejad said, addressing the U.S.

        The United States and other Western nations accuse Iran of seeking to acquire nuclear weapons and demand that it freeze its uranium enrichment program. Iran says its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. Ahmadinejad on Wednesday again vowed Iran will not "retreat one iota" from pursuing it.

        Iran already has defied three sets of U.N. sanctions over its uranium enrichment activity.

        But recent Iranian pronouncements suggest the Islamic Republic may be looking to improve ties with the United States, with officials speaking positively to the possibility of opening an interests section in Tehran after closing its embassy here decades ago.

        The U.S. participation in the Geneva talks had raised expectations for a compromise under which Iran would agree to stop expanding its enrichment activities. In exchange, the six powers — the United States and five world powers — would hold off on adopting new U.N. sanctions against Iran.

        But Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Monday accused Iran of not being serious at the Geneva talks. She said Iran had given the run-around to the envoys, while all six nations were serious about a two-week deadline for Iran to agree to freeze suspect activities and start negotiations or else be hit with new penalties.

        Ahmadinejad urged the United States to continue its "positive" attendance in the talks.

        "I advise you not to ruin the positive step you took through irrelevant words and claims," he said.

    • "The U.S. has been fortunate to have four great presidents in a row. I've shown using orthodox economics, mathematics, and real data that U.S. living standards rose at a steeper rate in the 2000s than the 1990s. The standard of living is the ultimate economic measure (for more info, see link below)."


    • Textbook Arthur, don't forget King Bush's other "accomplishments". I like full disclosure.

      1. Attacking a foreign country that did not pose anything close to an immediate threat to the U.S. or U.S. interests. That was the standard that the founding fathers, those evil white men who thought this all up, had in mind.

      2. An expansion of government spending and the welfare state on a level that makes Bill Clinton look like a cheapskate and would make Lyndon Johnson blush. No political courage whatsoever, and I believe one veto of a pork-laden spending bill in 8 years.

      3. As a follow on to #2, easily stripping the Republican Party of any claim it ever had (this is a dubious claim but I figured I'd humor everyone anyway) to being the "party of small government". Whatever conservatives may be left in the party will need at least the time that Bush has been in office to repair the damage. Assuming they want to, they too may have already been seduced by the grift.

      Disclaimer: None of the above should be construted to be an endorsement of Obama or any other candidate in the two parties that dominate the Parliament of Whores.

    • Bush Failures:

      A very succinct summary of Bush's legacy

    • Yes, Arthur, the library of Congress is an unreliable source. Wikipedia is much more reliable with any yahoo submitting biased data. Good due diligence work.

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