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  • biddermon_ca biddermon_ca Dec 2, 2009 11:07 AM Flag

    Best take on Obama speech

    on Afganistan...

    Garbor Steingart: It was a dizzying combination of surge and withdrawal, of marching to and fro. The fast pace was reminiscent of plays about the French revolution: Troops enter from the right to loud cannon fire and then they exit to the left. And at the end, the dead are left on stage.

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    • I just don't understand the upgrade i heard this morning on CNBC. Home builders are toast for another year.

    • Before winning the election he made it clear he was going to pull out of the war and send all troops home by march 09. How did that work out? He wanted to distance himself from busch because everyone in the world would bash bush on the war 24-7. Now that o-bullsh!t is in office, how come we don't hear the liberals screaming "no more war?" It's so blatantly obvious that the liberals clearly have a conspiracy to influence our society,

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      • Comrade Obama recast Afghanistan as the "good war" and his leftist acolytes fell right in line as ordered.

        I say get the hell out of Afghanistan. If the Taliban takes over, so what? Just drop bombs on terrorist training camps to stop the threat, repeat as necessary. Send the bill for any civilian casualties to whatever government is in charge and sponsoring terrorists. Very simple. ALL nation building is a fool's game, period. Legitimate governments exist only with the consent of the governed. If Afghanistan turns into a parking lot, all the better. Believing the U.S. can nation build a wasteland filled with tribes into a shining democracy is ignorance beyond belief.

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