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  • longtimefollower longtimefollower Apr 5, 2014 12:58 AM Flag

    Manu's public communications are inappropriate....

    ....and totally unbefitting a bonafide public company.

    Everything this company has done, and said, over the last few weeks and months reeks of desperation, manipulation, self absorption, grandiiosity, and, worst, a brazen defiance of the market's REJECTION of this company's 1) going from 40 million shares out to 321 million shares out, 2) outrageously increasing shares outstanding, UNILATERALLY, from 500 million to 5 billion, and 3) then, boldly and shamelessly stating in a "letter" that no shares have been issued in the "day since" an earnings press release.

    As if the CATASTROPHIC dilution of the last few months is insignificant. and as if we should have any basis to trust that they will not be diluting us to kingdom come, going forward.

    The dilution in just the last 6 months is functionally equivalent to what one would see in a typical PREPACKAGED BANKRUPTCY restructuring. Why isn't Manu acknowleging that DEVASTATION to "his" shareholders?

    Citing an "analyst report" in a conference call, targeting 13 cents on the stock, when the "analysts" writing the report are Manu's Indian buddies, also lacks credibility, to say the least.

    These guys are pure flim flam artists, and the taxpayers in the State of Georgia are going to get royally screwed, imho. Shows that politicians should NOT be in business. And certainly not in bed with some pie-in-the-sky entity such as Medient.

    Meanwhile, in the short term, this is probably a great vehicle to RIDE for trading gains, by buying and selling ag the opportune times. Which i plan on continuing to do.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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