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  • kenleemary kenleemary Dec 20, 2001 11:14 AM Flag

    learn to read

    why don't you learn to either get the coupon or the price do not get both.....why are you always trying to take advantage of Staples....if you don't like the company, store, person, manager, or even me....then stay away from us......

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    • 1. Customer service is not equal with being serviced BY the customer.

      2. I don't know who that cat is, so I don't know if he works at Staples or not.

      3. The way a person portrays themself online does not indicate how they do their job. I know I vent and criticize MUCH more behind the comfort of my keyboard. Given the volume of crap that managers put up with from "Customers", Associates and Corporate, I can understand them voicing frustration on a board.

      4. If the customer doesn't like how they are treated by ANYONE in ANY store, they have the right to contact Staples Customer Service directly.

      Staples will continue to be a player, IMHO. If there are personnel who are working against the Staples Mission Statement ("Slashing the cost and HASSLE of running your business"), it is only a short time before they will be removed.

      All my 2 cents, of course.

      As for the 110%, I still don't see the problem.

    • I think (my 2 cents) that alphansx is correct and should have got the price adjustment. Go to any "reputable" store, and they would honor such requests. Target, WalMart, Petsmart, Office Depot, etc.

      Sometimes I go out in the cold weather to remind myself how cold it is, and to feel better about the warmth inside . . . Some people shop at Staples to appreciate good service elsewhere . . . to each their own.

    • If you want to know why many of us are down on Staples, then check out the attitude on this idiot. Can you imagine someone being stupid enough to say such a thing in a public forum?

      Many of us insiders/former insiders know that this is typical.

      Could anyone make a more compelling argument for using ODP or OMX?


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      • Do I know how to get you "lions" to roar or what....what do you guys think about the way the stock is climbing...anybody got any ideas....oh, by the way...check out the Staples 365 pricing...and if you had come to my store and ask for the price adjustment, I probably really would have given it to you....I definitely would not have told you to go find a different coupon....once you have use it, it is, dude....check out the new 110% price guar policy.....just show the ad or calling, no nothing.......maybe you guys can really agree on something.....sticking it to me......everyone just chill...even if you have to go year, Staples will top $24 by June, but that is far as it is going...just a prediction...see ya....

      • Stupid or idiot...choose one.....then let me tell you something...I am a manager with the company you hate.....and guess are trying to it anything you want to, but that puts you in the category of being a me names...I just will call you what you are trying to Merry Christmas...may God forgive you......

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