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  • sickofcomplaining sickofcomplaining Feb 7, 2002 1:07 PM Flag

    What is wrong with you people.

    Wow, you are intelligent!
    That is a good deflection of my comments.

    If you shut up and do your job I wouldn't be on here. You have a problem with your company, then grow a sack and tell you boss, or your boss's boss, hell go into Ron's office and tell him.

    Until you are doing something about it and aren't successful, you have no right to bitch. I am doing something about my problem (and a annoyance to the company), ie. your posts, by responding to them and not just sitting by and watching ignorant idividuals give Staples a bad name because they are too lazy to get out of their chairs and communicate there ideas to fix the company to the proper individuals.

    So you don't have ideas? Them atleast go the respective parties office and tell them what the problem is. Let them figure it out.

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    • ....just you think any of the 200+ former associates who are forming a class action suit against Staples for wrongful termination...or any of the 300+ associates laid off recently went to their mgmt. to inform them of problems, issues or even opportunities.....hhmmmmmmmm ...let me think...

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      • If you approach your boss in a CONSTRUCTIVE way and they blow you off, go get a new job, period. Nothing you can do about it besides calling your recruiter and tell the HR person on your way out the door. There is bad management in every company, and the dice were rolled against you this time. That is the way the game is played. Don't like it, don't play.
        Not much you can do about a bad manager. They are in every company in the world.

        What YOU are talking about beachdude772000 is not Staples, but Corp. america. People who experience the bad parts of Corp. America do what you just did beachdude, and pin it on the company because it is the closest target. But every person who works at or did work at Staples has choosen to work for a major publicly traded corporation. There are alot of perks to it, but also alot of problems with it. The problems are bigger than the perks for you, then try something else. I didn't get cut by the layoffs, but in 2,5,10, or 20 years I will. I have choosen this path and know that WHEN it happens (whether it is with Staples or some other company) I'll wake up in the morning and start calling people and looking for a new job. It happened once in my life already, and I just know it's a matter of time before it happens again.

        To tell you the truth, I really feel bad for those people. Staples lost some really, really good folks. But it happened, and if some people can't move on and put it behind them, well, they are wasting time better spent job hunting. It is a weak economy, that's why there was lay offs. Were all the layoffs fair, I'm not the person to judge. As a matter of probability, I am sure they weren't.
        Don't like it, become a carpenter, plumber, etc and join a union.

        People now a days think that their employers should owe them something. In reality, they owe you nothing more that what was agreed upon during the hiring phase. It sucks, it depressing, and makes us realize we are just worker ants, that's all. When you come into a company you are there for the sole purpose of making the company better in some manner and that's it. The company owes you NOTHING. Do I think it's fair, nope, that's just the way it is.

    • You're mistaken; it's not a deflection because I don't work for Staples. So when you reply to my posts, you're not fixing anything. You're just sitting around bitching and complaining.

      But don't let that stop you. Keep it up. And while you're at it, you should go tell Ron how much value you're creating by posting messages on a Yahoo bulletin board. Man, what a great employee you are.

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      • Well, bcoz_the_night, you got me. I wasted about 45 seconds typing that reply to you. You got me! Wow, I am impressed.

        If you don't work for Staples, why did you butt in? Obviously, by reading my note, you could easily surmise that the intended audience was NOT YOU! Maybe I sure have said that in the beginning just to clarify.

        Second a message board is a public forum, public meaning that everyone in the world can read it. Not only is it a public forum, but a public forum that is directly linked to from Staples financial data. 'Nough said.

        3rd, it's not about being a "good employee". It's about performing a job. Performing a job takes basic skills, from communication to being able to perform some task better than others so you can keep your job so you can keep spending your money on worthless crap.

        Now, if you excuse me... my 30 seconds are up.

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