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  • sickofcomplaining sickofcomplaining Feb 7, 2002 5:55 PM Flag

    What is wrong with you people.

    You know jgoshus, I have been watching this board for about 1 year, every once in awhile I see something intelligent. But today, I really just couldn't take it anymore. These ignorant #deleted# just sit here and complain about how bad the company is to work for, when it really isn't that bad. Yet, no one has ever had the balls to stand up and tell these people to f@#$ off and get a life. (At least that I have read)

    Now, unfortuately, I am a bit outnumbered. I don't sit around and think of fun things to say for 2 hours, don't have that luxury.

    I think you do have a point. If these people feel the need to come on here and trash a perfectly good company because of this or that, what can I do.

    So, you want to ignore what I said before, go ahead. Not going to make my life any worse off.

    Sickofcomplaining(about staples) saying have fun living in ignorance.

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