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  • vaguedescription vaguedescription Mar 5, 2002 10:01 AM Flag

    Anyone know

    how the stores are doing selling those service contracts since they put new rules for commissions to the store sales people? I hear this is a big part of Staples profit. Any truth to that?

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    • You'd think he would learn to shut up. But he won't. He'll reply to this message with something even more asinine than his last message. Idiotic.

      Put him on ignore.


    • <Staples decide to cancel, because employees voiced keeping with the "CARE" policy, they decide to cancel.>

      That's interesting and good news also for Staples as a whole. The officers know what is good for the company as a whole, including the many valued employees they have.

      A bad environment may have been created by their goals for extended warrantees and the profit they make from it. Yes, everyone wants to see profit, but at what expense?

      When a customer walks out without purchasing a fax because they changed their mind, and this is viewed as a good thing by a few associates because they weren't going to buy a warrantee plan with it anyway, what does that say?

      If that customer had purchased the machine without a plan, it would have lowered the warrantee sales percentage for the store. The mindset is so intense for the need of warrantee plans on every sale that the actual sales are being overlooked. If too many sales are made without a warrantee attached, that will not look good in the numbers and that's not what corporate wants to see.

      That is the tenseness and pressure that each and every store is under regarding the percentage rate for p's.

      When an associate breathes a sigh of relief that a customer decided not to buy an item without a warrantee attached, that's a problem.

    • Yup, kenleemary is a dope.

    • Don't pay any attention to kenleemary. He's a moron and doesn't seem to realize it.

    • Hi:
      Don't know if you are in the Rutland store, as for me i have to say i like our store and have no problems with personnel, only they could use more, but with economy the way it is i can understand, i understand the chain of command workings, sometimes it get a cog in it as someone up the line don't want to rock the boat so to say and get put in the middle, i agree with you, if you have something to say you got to do it, may even be good for you, after all they are only human. As a shareholder with about $26,000 tied up in staples i want to watch my investment also.

    • If thats true, I'm impressed. It takes confidence to admit to a mistake. It can only help employer-employee relations....................

    • OK, answer the question...who are you....

    • Staples decide to cancel, because employees voiced keeping with the "CARE" policy, they decide to cancel.....

    • - Staples Management team decide to rescind the hurdle rates because employees were complaining that they could not make 'em -


      This is the first I heard of this.

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