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  • alphakon alphakon Apr 16, 2002 5:10 PM Flag

    quiet board/ mostly negative,but

    Chart looks good,Stock is bouncing off the ceiling at continual 52 week highs. Company MAKES MONEY! Good money in comparison to 90% of the companies traded period. IMHO, I think they have Great Locations in the urban Northeast. I find the stores very convenient, and always have what I need. Small business stuff. It seems employee moral is an issue, Question? is profit sharing included in employment? Are employees encouraged to buy stock? If not , could this be a suggestion?
    I know Many other companies have this. What's up?

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    • Staples does have a stock buying plan for employees and i'm in it at max value. They also have a 401k with company match in Staples stock. We all want to see the stock go up, most posts here have to do with the huge mistakes the company is making and the fear that Wall Street will eventually catch on to the incompetence on top. This company can run itself at this point since good advertising gave us the name recognition and Staples has always been pretty good at finding store locations. The problem is that we could, and should, be doing MUCH better. If you worked for Staples you would see what I mean. The inventory situation is atrocious, the lack of computers to sell is hurting the bottom line, and lack of help from corporate on merchandising and stocking the store is hurting business. Add to this the constant lowering of the budget resulting in too few personnel and poor resulting customer service. Throw on top the backstabbing of idiots in the corporate office who override the store manager when they turn down a customer request for a return, even though the manager sees the product and corporate doesn't. One call to the DM or main office and they ALWAYS override the store managers. Employee morale is low because we see the incompetence on a daily basis, turning a once great company into a shadow of its former self. Its all coming from the top................................................

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