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  • black_mount black_mount Jan 2, 2003 4:18 PM Flag

    Who Cares!

    I had the opportunity to visit a New England Copy Center twice this week. It seemed that there was an awful lot of time and expense involved in preparing my packages for shipment via UPS. The second time I visited I wanted to send a letter and a box. The very nice, hourly, person that waited on me provided this information:

    She, the department, was out of UPS Next Day Letter supplies so she had to use a shipping envelope, from inventory, to ship my letter. She said that the UPS supplies were ordered but had not arrived yet.

    After all of the shipping information was entered into the UPS system she disappeared below the counter for a few seconds. When she reappeared she had the UPS shipping label, printed on a full sheet of paper, in her hand. I asked her why they were not using the common UPS label printer and she looked at me as if I had two heads. She said that her laser printer had been broken for several weeks and her requests to have it repaired went unanswered by the "techs". Her request for a replacement printer was immediately dismissed. She said that during the Christmas rush it was pandamonium trying to manually feed the printer.

    The receipt for my transactions also required hand feeding into the laser printer.

    When she got the label she folded it in half and used four lengths of sealing tape to apply the label to the package.

    I ask:

    How many expense dollars are being spent on a service that there is no up-charge for? Tape, toner, paper, payroll. Why does Staples use a laser printer and supplies that can be provided by UPS? Why does an employee that is attempting to provide good customer service get ignored when she needs supplies and common maintenance on the equipment that she is required to work with?

    There are plenty of legitimate problems with the corporate staff but they START with store management. If the manager does not care nobody cares. Those pennies add up to big bucks at the end of the year.

    Sam Walton believed in a management method that could be very well used at STAPLES. MBWA Management By Walking Around.

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    • Now I see your point, it wasn't easy to determine from the prior posts.

      However, I am just wondering what you hope to gain by spewing this information all over a public message board.

      The information you apparently have could only have been obtained from two sources, one would be the person you allege has a conflict, and the other would be the vendors.

      Now, IMO, you didn't get the information from the first source as you clearly dislike him. Thus, you probably got it from the vendors themselves. You are most likely a friend of these vendors, and I am curious if you asked them if they would appreciate you risking their livelihood (ie. their contracts with SPLS) because you disliked someone and decided to spread information you received, most likely in confidence, all over the world for more than just inquiring minds to see. I am guessing you didn't.

      Now, if you received this information from some source other than the two above, the information is suspect, at best. Thus, I would attempt to obtain evidence to prove what you claim, otherwise your veiled, anonymous accusations will hold no weight.

    • otisdayandtheknights2002 otisdayandtheknights2002 Jan 15, 2003 12:17 PM Flag

      .....having a vendor bid on work for Staples and then having him do work on your home for free seems to raise the question of being ethical or not!

    • Out of curiosity, How do you think that would be a conflict of interest?

      What does Staples have to do with the flooring business?

      If I had a former employee who left on amicable terms to start their own business, why would I be unable to enlist their services?

      I am not trying to start a debate here, I just don't see where the "conflict" is.

    • otisdayandtheknights2002 otisdayandtheknights2002 Jan 15, 2003 11:19 AM Flag

      If you are in upper are typical...arrogant! Like I need you to start my morning. You have enough problems with ex employees in your department who become vendors, then sell to their old supervisor...and in turn who take the liberty of doing the flooring in your boy's home! Real honest.....sounds like a conflict of interest to me!....."ka boom".....sounds like your honest boy just fell from the pedestal.

    • The same garbage goes on in my store. We had an ordering station, copy center printer, and main sign printer all giving us problems. The GM and managers weren't at fault because they constantly called headquarters about the problems and they did nothing about it.

      In addition, the signs obviously do not point to the products that are actually in the aisles, so how come its months after the reflow and the signage STILL hasn't been fixed?

      Just what the hell do they do at corporate anyway?

    • Thats very interesting because the same exact thing happened to me! Now, I love the fact that Staples doesn't charge more than going to a UPS center but exactly how are they making money on this deal? Maybe its a way to get people into the store.

      The same problem with the printer existed at the store I went to. It kept feeding more than one page at a time and the poor girl was about to throw a fit. Apparently Staples is extremely cheap when it comes to replacing faulty equipment, broken ladders, etc. How pathetic is that when a large company can't get its act together on such simple things. Maybe the others posting here are correct, that Staples is going downhill fast. It sure looks that way to me.

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