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  • kenleemary kenleemary Mar 15, 2003 9:28 AM Flag


    Consider what the analysts had to say about my company after last week's announcement:

    A. G. Edwards..Brian S. Postol..."For an industry that has little differentiation amongst competitors, the one apparent disparity between SPLS and its chief rivals ODP and OMX is that SPLS execution has been consistently superior...Results encouraging show SPLS pulling futher away from its competitors as the Back to Brighton strategy and Dover store concept prove effective." "I think Staples is definitely putting the hurt on Depot. It comes down to, at any of these three companies, who has been the most consistent operator year in and year out, and it's Staples."

    Banc of America Securitites...Aram Rubinson...Staples fourth quarter results further evidence building mometum in virtually all parts of its business. The improvements were initially spear headed by the leadership of CEO Ron Sargent.......

    Bernstein Research...Colin McGranahan....While the environment remains relatively weak, Spls execution remains easily the best in the sector.....

    Credit Suisse First Boston..Gary Balter...SPLS remains our favorite and only Outperform in the office supply segment.......

    Golman Sachs...Matthew Fassler...SPLS is producing some of the best results in retailing......

    JPMorgan...Danielle Fox....Main Takeaway: Best execution in a tough industry...we think the company is pointed in the right direction......

    Lehman Brothers...Jeff Black...Talk about motivating the troops. It's been a year to the day that CEO Ron Sargent debuted an aggressive strategy to jump-start sales......

    Midwest Research Securities Corp..Todd Kuhrt..With an increased focus on the small business customer, we believe SPLS will continue to successfully take market share from its competitors and grow earnings 15% over the next year.

    Salmon Smith Barney...William Julian..In a surprising contrast to other hardline retailers, most of the upside came from the better than expected top-line growth, rather than cost containment..........

    Now, I realize that these may be a select group that believe in the posted results, but don't you think the company is headed in an upward direction, rather than out of the business way.....

    And finally to those that keep harping about the layout and conditions and hours and such....Staples has proven the layout works...but if it is not working, it is because of the execution not the layout itself...Staples has a proven HR program that lends itself to every employee or associate...why don't you talk to someone that can actually do something, rather than air your laundry in public, while letting everyone know what you stand for and what you are really made of....

    Oh, by the way, for any comments that may come back to favorite saying...I don't care, 'cause I am laughing all the way to the bank.....yee-hah.....

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    • skynet, seriously, you're an idiot.

      I dont believe a word of any of this. I guess its just a coincidence that none of the stores in my district are making even a fraction of what they were earning under the old plan. I guess all the stores are stacked with incompetents. Or maybe the goals were set artificially high so we couldn't meet them?

    • Tenser face it the reason you do not make your bonus is that you can not sell, have no skill and suck at your job.

      Go get a job that requires no skill, and you will make the same shitty salary you claim to do at Staples.

    • I understand that I have been making my bonuses and my associates have also. I understand that my out of stocks have gone down in the last year due to increased communication between myself and the MHD. I understand that ESP sales are still important in my district. I also understand that BTB was a great idea in my opinion and that I am encouraged by the amount of associates in my store showing enthusiasm towards making sales instead of empathy and just being there for a paycheck. I have a great team of associates working with me and we do and will continue to succeed as a team.

    • tenser, seriously........
      all my associates made all attachment kickers and all store and department bonuses. I guess if you don't like working for us, then you should just find a new job. No one is forcing you to work for the company that is number one in its is people like you who hold us back. Do all of us who work for Staples a favor and move on.

    • I do understand. I understand that most BM depts if not all in my area have not made their artificially made up to fail goals and are making less money than a year ago. I understand that when I call another store to see if they have stock in something we don't and I tell them that the customer is interested in a warranty they tell me they could care less because they aren't going to see a dime.

      I also understand that those at corporate are patting themselves on the back and stuffing their pockets with stock options and bonuses.

      I understand all too well, thank you.

    • I've stayed quiet long enough. Every post that I've read from you since the BTB rollout has been about the elimination of the SPIFFs. Would you please get over it or move on. I am making more off the BTB incentives than I was making on my SPIFFs. They made the change for everyone...good and bad. I also love the fact that everyone seems to sell more now. It has taken a lot of pressure off of me. Thanks to BTB everyone in the store now cares about sales, not just the Specialists and Managers. I hope you understand.

    • What is an RVP?

    • Did you recently get a new RVP?

    • Well said...this IS a stock board; but, also a sounding board. Facts are facts. I agree with your response, 100%!...The point from tenser: "Obviously we see things from a different perspective. I still think it will affect the company negatively in the future. " Is an OPINION...and just that. The results WILL be the future.

      I see the positive out-weighing the negative by a huge margin...Good Luck!

    • It absolutely increases the bottom line and increases profits. Just imagine how much money Staples is saving by cutting pay on every Business Machines associate in every store.

      The products haven't been SPIFFed in a long time. That was a manufacturer decision. We can't blame Staples for that. What was cut were SPIFFs on Warranty sales. They are not easy to obtain because its a sale on top of a sale and Staples (and every other retailer) realized that and gave us a small percentage of each warranty sold. However, we are stll harrassed daily to sell more and more of them even though we are receiving less and in many cases, no money to sell them. The new commission 'structure' was a farce made to look like we could even make more money than before. It was a bold faced lie.

      I don't know too many people who enthusiastically sell more of something while getting less pay. Eventually the money Staples saves by cutting our pay will eventually result in less sales as more and more employees realize they are getting screwed (this has happened already).

      Of course investors look at the current bottom line-higher profits, higher stock price, and that is entirely understandeable. Heck, I own the stock myself-unfortunately I also have bills to pay every week like everyone else here and Staples is making that more difficult to do. Quite a reward for years of loyal service to the company.

      Obviously we see things from a different perspective. I still think it will affect the company negatively in the future.

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