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  • coupon73 coupon73 Oct 20, 2004 4:43 PM Flag

    Bush 1M jobs lost, Clinton 20M new jobs

    Nice answer...bad information.

    The terrorists that entered the United States did so during the Clinton Administration.

    Seven of those actually registered to vote during the Clinton administration.

    But nobody but a sleepy Nation and a band of lunatic murderers is to blame for 911. Not Clinton and assuredly not President Bush.

    What President Bush has done is to awaken that sleepy nation and gather our courage and will to be more alert to terrorism.

    Read more. Learn more. Stop watching TV action films and start reading both side of the equation.

    Glad to teach today's lesson...

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    • Bush is an idiot. I'm a conservative and I wont vote for him.
      If his last name wasnt Bush he'd be selling shoes.
      Kerry wouldnt be my first choice (or my seventh), but Bush needs to be removed.
      Have we caught Bin laden? No
      Is Al-Queda still active? Yes
      Are our borders still unprotected? Yes

      Bush is a failure by all measures

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      • scorbale:

        911 occured on Sept.11, 2001. It is now three years and two months later(38 months or 1,140 days).

        1,140 days that President Bush has protected our families.

        What has Al-Queda done in this time? Crawled around in caves.

        Where does terrorist Hussein spend his nights? Months ago he could have selected any one of seven castles. Tonight he sleeps in a jail cell.

        President George Bush, a sucess by all measures.

        A hint:thinking before you type eliminates embarassment.

        Another lesson completed.

    • Coupon - obviousy Bush nor Clinton is to blame for 9/11, however GW is to blame for lying to a nation in order to avenge "Daddy". Rather than secure our borders he would rather send soldiers to a fight a pointless war. No Coupon the US is less safe than before, and you can thank Bush for that. Before you spout your nonsense please think about what you say because you are embarrasing yourself.


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      • A "pointless war" you say. I ask you what was 'Bloody Friday'? Go ahead and google it. Because I know for certain that you care not. It was the DAY that Hussein gassed 5,000 Kurds...3,500 of whom were women and children. The Kurds are citizens of Iraq and Hussein did not like the color of their skin,so he decided to eliminate them. They died in a four hour period on 'Bloody Friday' The gas invaded and ripped aprt their lungs and then tore off their skin.

        Pointless to you...heroic to most Americans, this patriotic effort that landed Hussein in a jail cell.

        The war in Iraq demonstrates that there still are humanitarians in this world who consider this(and many more acts by Hussein) to be acts of terror...and we have the stomach to do something about it.

        What,do you say that there are other parts of the world that warrant help as well? Guess what,freedom will find them also...give US time.

        So,savon9891,delude yourself no longer. We are far safer since 911. Oh, and you can think President Bush for that...

        Today's lesson complete.

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