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  • theateam1981 theateam1981 Nov 4, 2005 12:45 PM Flag

    Working at Staples

    Does anyone have a phone number/contact for Staples Human Resource Department? Would appreciate any info/phone number etc.

    Also,any feedback on how Staples is to work for.


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    • Being a former award winning Staples Manager, I will through in the money is ok, the treatment at Staples is Horrific. Stress/Unrealistic demands, comp tied to events outside of a managers control. General lack of concern from the executive level. I left and have never looked back, am happy that the stock market looks favorably on companies that cut costs and make sure few/no workers will retire from a company. Thats the only reason I check this board.

    • you are right on adam

    • I was just responding to your comment of a company not laying off employees, when they actually did. The layoff was about 10% of the corporate office, just so you know.
      I was at Staples for over 5 years. The company treats their employees 'good', not 'great' by any stretch of the imagination. Ice Cream socials every other month, don't make up for the salary. They don't pay well, which is why their earnings are strong. I still own many shares and I will for a while (unless this Jim Dorman thing gets uglier).
      Ron is a good CEO, there are many things over there that need to be improved. VPs with 1 direct report? Some Directors with 0 direct reports? Many inefficiencies in the company.
      Maybe that's why you worship the place, you have one of those cushy jobs where you just collect a paycheck. Put together a deck and talk about 'low hanging fruit' or having the 'right people on the bus' or some other buzz words that the company lives on.
      My time there was nice, but when I got my latest job offer, I confirmed how underpaid I actually was.

    • I won't argue that Staples is a good company and that Ron is a good CEO ...many great employees that have been sacrificed to contribute to their success. Take care of employees and Staples will go from good to GREAT!

    • Yeah so comapnies never downsize in your imaginary world. Gee maybe GM saw what Staples did back then and is now copying a winner. Only thing is the corporate layoff was under 100 people. The company has grown tremendously since then under the management of Mr. Seargent a.k.a. best CEO in America.

      But hey let's just bash the company becuase you and officeproductsBDM could not make budget!!!!!

    • If you have been at Staples for 10 years, you must remember the downsizing in the corportate office in 2001/2002. There were a lot of layoffs. Selective memory.

    • Congratulations are certainly a minority as MANY do not feel the same. I was so happy to get out and find a company that truly cares about me.

    • You can't be a Store Manager! The workload they put on their Managers is the reason for burnout. There is not much support from the home office at all which only makes matters worse.

    • I have worked for ten years at Staples, and if you are a smart employee you are a stock holder. The company has excellent benefits and gives employees every opportunity to succeed. Yes, raises are not big, but working for a compnay that does not lay employees off after bad earnings, is nice security. Get over your BS reasons for knocking this company and look in the mirror. If you work for Staples and you are not successful it is YOUR FAULT!!!!!!

    • I am forced to judge the company if the values are not getting passed down to the managers from the top down. This is not just an isolated issue either.

      No doubt they will continue to show results, but how long till the lack of value of employees has an impact?

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