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  • bluepillar bluepillar Nov 26, 2005 11:51 AM Flag

    Sales rep fired after closing deal

    So, the sales rep closed a big deal, was hitting the numbers, etc. You mean to say that there was nothing else that happened that hastened his/her demise? Gimme a break. Had to be an ethics violation of some sort.

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    • Yes sales organizations always fire quality people, becuase they are so easy to comae by. Get a grip you assholes!!!! The only people that complain are the people who can not handle a high pace, results oriented company. Make your budgets, and then complain that the company is no good. Again, after ten years at Staples I have never seen a good and I am not talking about great associate not treated fairly. Your the failure not this or any compnay!!!!!

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      • I commend you for wanting to stand by your company. However, you can't blindly stand by them for everything. If you have been there for 10 years, you must have seen the unbalanced way things are run. And if you aren't one of the "yes" men, you will know you don't have a place in the company. This company doesn't like people with alternate opinions than your boss. They want to hear that they are always correct or else they feel threatened.
        If you haven't seen this in your 10 years, I would be amazed. You need to open your eyes and be a realist. My 5+ years there, I was very close to the real results of the company. Then to watch the spin that is put on things is disgusting. Not that the numbers weren't real, but they didn't want to tell the whole story. I could go on for pages about the entry into Chicago.
        So, take a good, openminded look at Staples and see the whole picture. Or keep living in fatasy land where Staples is the perfect company. Like I said before, you must have the cushy job where you don't really do any work. Sure, then it's a great company. But to say you have never seen a good employee be treated unfairly is completely bogus.
        Wake up!

      • I still work for Staples and I can say first hand (because I actually manage a store) that Staples is money oriented first they will do whatever it takes to see a big profit. Staples has made the daily workload on Managers unbelievable and they keep adding on. 55-60 hour work weeks while our DM works M-F 8-5, C'mon who is really doing the work and not getting paid?

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