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  • bigreader24 bigreader24 Mar 1, 2006 11:27 AM Flag

    Viva Las Vegas

    No Mr expert, you are a giant wimp, and giant weenie, I might add, because you think you are impressing us with your "I am a senior vice president in a fortune 500 company" fantasy.
    In your last post you say "trust me....." Pal, where in your everloving mind do you get off thinking anyone on this board trusts anything a flaming idiot like yourself says? Trust me???? Again I have to ask, you can't really be that stupid can you? Oh sure anything you say Mr. Expert! If you say you know your shit, then sure I'll trust you!!
    For an expert to say a few weeks ago that Staples "is asleep at the wheel" and then yesterday they have a pretty impressive earnings announcement....I regret to inform you I have lost trust in you already! I am seriously questioning your self imposed "expert" title now as well. Are there any other companies you think are asleep at the wheel that I should invest in?

    Let me tell you a little secret. People who have earned SVP titles dont act and communicate in the primitive manner you do. They don't have to tell people they are SVP's, people know they are SVP's from the way they conduct themselves. Anyone who runs around telling everyone I am an expert, I am a SVP, I know my shit......usually they are lying. Again people who know thier shit, dont have to tell people they know thier shit.

    You are a coward because you brought up the if you knew who I was line, and then upon being challenged, you back down. No one else on the board says if you know who I am...

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