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  • mach5momchick mach5momchick Apr 11, 2007 9:28 AM Flag

    Boycott Staples!

    I have never liked IMUS, his comment may have been wrong, I took it to be funny. I watch black comics on TV all the time who crack me up! They call their own people nappy headed and ho's! Did you know that the companies that own Imus radio is the very same ones who produce records where black women are called worse than nappy headed ho's?!! Did you know that 70% of black american's are born outside of wedlock. Black girls - GIRLS - age 15 are having babies by alarming numbers. Black's drop out rate is over 50%?! Why aren't we screaming loud and clear to help the black community instead of those in charge blaming and pointing fingers and justifing their own prejudism?! Sharpton and Jackson have done NOTHING to help black america except to fuel the race card every time! Look at what happened to the Duke LaCross Team - that black girl lied and do you see Sharpton or Jackson appologizing for their racist remarks?SHARPTON AND JACKSON ARE THE WORSE FORM OF RACISM IN HISTORY!! THEY HAVE SAID RACIST REMARKS ABOUT JEWS AND WHITE PEOPLE - THEY SHOULD BE FIRED AND NEVER GIVEN A PUBLIC FORUM TO BE ALLOWED TO AIR THEIR RACISM! But to boycott and want him fired is the most hypocritical thing I have EVER seen! I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THE RACE CARD BEING PLAYED EVERYTIME - IT'S PLAYED OUT! Fact is that as PEOPLE, not black or white or asian or whatever, will be called names and comments made about us at one point in our life or another. GET OVER IT! WHY SHOULD THAT AFFECT OR ALLOWED TO AFFECT THESE GIRLS? Who raised them to be affected by someone's diarrea mouth?? Who raised them to be affected by ANYONE? They are obviously in the position they are in because they BEAT anyone's affectedness! Lets be factual, for women to play any sport is a triumph and to have victory in that is a feat within itself! They overcame MANY obsticales and triumphed - why should this shock jock and his comments affect them at all?! They should be above that!!!!!!

    I'll boycott Staples and any Proctor and Gamble products BECAUSE they did pull their ads!!!

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    • While I agree with you, the companies are put in a tough position. I am sure more retailers will be pulling their advertising. Presidential candidates are canceling appearances, Cal Ripken canceled his appearance. The issue is he said a dumb think in a public forum. You can't compare that to a comedy show.

      At the end of the day no matter what any retail company does at this point someone will be upset. By the way...ever wonder why Office Depot doesn't advertise with Imus today? It;s becuase he is contraversial and they elected to stay away. So you will be supporting the same the same behavior.

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      • When they stop sucking up to racists like Sharpton and Jackson, then maybe someone will care. Staples just opened a new store in our town, this is not going to help them any. They should have stayed out of it. Imus was wrong, but he apologized, unlike those other hypocrites. He also didn't try to destroy people's livelihoods or send innocent men to prison based on skin color, like they did. I am putting my money where my mouth is and selling my VIA and CBS stock I've held for 16 years. They are calling for Imus to be fired, but have black racists on all the time. I have to do it by mail, because I invested so long ago. I have to turn in my certificate, a broker doesn't own it. Good riddance.

    • MACH,you said it all right there. EXCELLENT post. It's too bad in this politically correct world we live in that people can't see the TRUTH of what is going on here. It is a complete joke and shows the true hypocrisy of our country.
      Jesse and Sharpton are two of the biggest racists our country has. And shame on the girls on the team for playing the card that Imus' comments stole their glory. Do you think half of them even knew who he was before this came out?

      It's ok for the African American (I'm being politically correct here) people to call each other bitches and ho's and even the N-word? But once a white person does it's racist, there are protests, boycotts, and calls for people to lose their jobs. Talk about a double standard. If it's that big of a problem, then do something for your own people Jesse and Al instead of pointing the finger. Go have a march in front of Death Row or Sony records for letting rappers make millions of lyrics that are far more worse that nappy headed ho's.

      As for SPLS and P&G, they are just doing what the politically correct corporations do. They don't want any negative publicity and try to distance themselves from looking like they support people that are in trouble such as Imus. I guess it's ok to pay the CEO's 20M a year and cut jobs as long as they don't associate themselves with racist people like Imus? What a bunch of morons.

      While I'm not Imus fan, (I actually think he's moron) we have alot bigger things to worry about in this country than idiots like him and Anna Nicole. And Shame on the media for giving them so much exposure.

      We should be worried about bringing our troops home and fixing problems like education, poverty, healthcare, and of course racism.

      Wake up America, get your head out of your asses!

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