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  • Store195 Store195 Apr 11, 2007 11:53 AM Flag

    Boycott Staples!

    While I agree with you, the companies are put in a tough position. I am sure more retailers will be pulling their advertising. Presidential candidates are canceling appearances, Cal Ripken canceled his appearance. The issue is he said a dumb think in a public forum. You can't compare that to a comedy show.

    At the end of the day no matter what any retail company does at this point someone will be upset. By the way...ever wonder why Office Depot doesn't advertise with Imus today? It;s becuase he is contraversial and they elected to stay away. So you will be supporting the same the same behavior.

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    • When they stop sucking up to racists like Sharpton and Jackson, then maybe someone will care. Staples just opened a new store in our town, this is not going to help them any. They should have stayed out of it. Imus was wrong, but he apologized, unlike those other hypocrites. He also didn't try to destroy people's livelihoods or send innocent men to prison based on skin color, like they did. I am putting my money where my mouth is and selling my VIA and CBS stock I've held for 16 years. They are calling for Imus to be fired, but have black racists on all the time. I have to do it by mail, because I invested so long ago. I have to turn in my certificate, a broker doesn't own it. Good riddance.

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      • Have any of you rocket scientists stopped to consider that pulling advertising was a business decision and not a PC decision? This old relic is an absolute moron and had rock bottom ratings that were bound to go even lower. I guess MSNBC agreed as they dropped the SOB on his head where he belongs. Staples probably just decided to end the madness of funding this ah*le. And if you really think that "Iman" has done any good in the world, think again, his cancer ranch is just a scam to fund his retirement home. The guy is scum.

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