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  • buhrmann buhrmann Oct 20, 2008 7:50 PM Flag

    Staples / Corporate Express HELP!!!!!

    CE was a VERY good company to work for. Granted some of the management and practices were out dated. They treated their good employees very well. The question is how does staples treat there business to business account managers,sales managers, etc.

    I can find a blog or much info on the matter.

    I need info on staples SBA, SNA, Employment **Not retail**
    Here are some questions for current or previous employees

    How are the benefits?

    How does the comp plan work?

    Expense accounts ? (client entertainment?)

    Corporate Culture?

    Micro Managers?

    Do they have a lower base salary with stock options?

    I now this is a stock forum but it is work a shot!



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    • stpl isn't immune to the softness in the market and if it gets any softer, SPLS will have to cut cost to stay right sized....a rif may be in the near future. I wouldn't be surprised if it's on the drawing board right now

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      • Already under way, a bunch of people have recently lost their jobs. Many of those cuts are coming via the CE acquisition, which I agree they paid way too much for and is going to come back to haunt them. Like I said before, they will have little or no use for the CE employees and especially those in management. They only wanted to buy the book of business-particularly the strategic accounts.

        "Right-size the business". Gotta love that corporate lingo! A politically correct way to say we have to layoff a bunch of employees so we can continue to pay the execs their bonuses!

    • BDA's are HIGHLY micro managed with extremely high turnover. They love em right out of college so that they can train the "Staples Way" selling process. All CE employees coming over to Staples will be learning the Staples Way and expected to role play on a regular basis in front of peers, management and a camera.

      Have fun!!!

    • I don't know where you get these facts but the majority of the BDA's I have talked to are very happy working for Staples and I know many that have been there for many years and Staples has been one of the fastest growing companies the last 20 years and I know some reps that have been with Staples for 20+ years. I also enjoyed CE to and have nothing bad to say about it so I am really not siding with anyone here.

    • You must be a CE employee from the EU or Canada. No one from the US would seriously be asking these questions.
      If by some chance you were employed by CE in the US and are asking these questions you should resign immediately and apply for a government job because that is the only employer left that can afford the benefits you are looking for.
      You will never make it at Staples - never.

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      • Listen my friend, I understand how you feel. The OP industry is not your gig. You forgot to mention that CE supplied one source solutions to 90% of the fortune 500 companies in the USA. That was their core market (B to B). I see that your narrow view of a global company limits your perspective outlook. Do some research on CE Australia, you might understand….. If you never worked at CE (which you have alluded to) how the hell would you know what the culture was like?

        Quit being a head strong pompous bloke, understand the real facts.

        Oh by the way, if you have never been to Amsterdam do not disrespect it. We have been around a lot longer then you!

        All I can say is “I bid you the best of luck and good will on you office products journey” Remember one thing, CE never screwed people like DEPOT did to the US GOVERNMENT. We were an honest and respectable company, I believe STAPLES is to. They just need to take care of their people, which I think they will.

        “Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone”

      • Like previously said, this person is over in the mainland sitting in a coffee shop smoking dope in an Internet cafe. And people wonder why Corporate Express was run into the ground before they were forced to sell. While everybody knows CE NA management were a bunch of incompetent fools, it's the "buhrmann" folks who supported them and continued to disappoint shareholders quarter after quarter, year after year. All while making promises of restructuring and a turnaround plan, which never happened. Overpaid execs and protected managers who constantly underperformed. Staples will have absolutely no use for these folks, I can guarantee that! Keep smokin' burhmann!!!

    • Is this coming from the CE cheerleader who said Staples couldn't takeover the mighty mighty Dutch? Wrong. Looks like someone was protected at CE, not anymore. You couldn't be further from the truth about CE and how they treated the employees. Like I said before, Staples only wanted to buy the accounts. They will have very little use for CE managers and many other employees, as evident by the massive cuts taking place across the board. If I were you buhrmann, I'd start sucking up like you apparently did at CE!! Then again, since you are looking for answers about your new employer on a yahoo message board, I guess you are out of the loop and in the dark. Now you know what it feels like to be like most of the former CE employees and not the chosen few who helped run the company into the ground.

      "CE was a VERY good company to work for."
      "They treated their good employees very well."

      Good Luck. You're going to need it at Staples.

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      • I see …………….CE canned you like all the other looser reps that didn’t hack it. Learn how to sell and maintain accounts.

        One thing I will tell you is that CE had A LOT of good experienced people. They treated you poorly because you didn’t perform. Then probably you went to depot or max even maybe staples.

        Staples bought CE for around 14 usd a share , they are almost trading at that level now. So who got the better end of the deal?

        The dutch put the screws to staples and made the deal at the PERFECT time ha ha ha.

        CE had great benefits, perks, culture, and unity. We will see what Ron has to offer…..

        The mighty dutch!!!

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