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  • bigbubbabatboy bigbubbabatboy Jun 3, 2011 10:24 AM Flag

    *PREDICTION* Easy $25.00 in one year & 2.5% DIVY!

    Staples is a strong company, They just were AHEAD of the game in telling how crappy this economy really is in they're conference call and are getting punished for it.

    PE of 13, EIGHT plus quarters of positive earnings! OfficeMax can't say that. And Office Depot REALLY can't say that. Now they're might be some consolidation coming for the industry in ODP probably going under BUT this would only be GOOD news for Staples LESS competition is never a bad thing.

    Who's really making a special trip to WALMART to buy school supplies? I like ALOT of people I know won't shop at Walmart for many reasons....And I would say they're Bump in School supplies was from simply advertising to their own customers...Theres just no reason to shop at walmart AND chances are your getting even WORSE product quality because thats what you pay for at Walmart.

    And don't forget that STAPLES is a TECH Retailer just as much as an office supplier.

    ALL THIS ASIDE....check your charts you can see a seasonal bump is coming once Back to School Season starts that alone is worth a trade....

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