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  • bigbubbabatboy bigbubbabatboy Jun 3, 2011 11:46 PM Flag

    If YOU think AMAZON or WALMART will ever become a dominant OFFICE SUPPLIER...

    First of all, Borders isn't bust they just wanted a way to get out of some poorly negotiated long term leases and cut loose under performing stores. Bad management is their problem and lack of forward thinking. My local Borders at the mall is ALWAYS busy and not just foot traffic, buyers, including me.

    And Barnes and Noble will eventually Trounce Amazons crappy Kindle as they are already beginning to do with the NOOK Color a Nice Fully Functioning Tablet that STAPLES actually began carrying May 1st as well. And as if that wasn't enough they just released an Upgraded Cheapo Touchscreen E-reader to directly Trump the Kindling. Oh and B&N...not sold either...Liberty Media offered 17.00 a share and the stock immediately skyrocketed from 14.00 to 20.00 now down to 18.32 thanx to our crappy economy news. But it will never sell for 17.00 a share they low balled and investors see they are getting one of the cheapest TECH stox and a dominant E-book seller of the future....

    Last of all, I've heard the Doom and Gloom speaches before about Gamestop and the DIGITAL GAME REVOLUTION where everyone will pay 50.00 to download a game you don't physically own. YET, low and behold GME just had a record Earnings quarter and the stock is way up as a result....point is If you do the research manufactured Hysteria can make you alot of money by running the otherway...

    AND last of all, we'll see how much of an EDGE AMAZON has once ALL this legislation passes forcing them to pay sales tax....

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    • GME does well cause teenage kids have 50$ to blow when they goto the mall or force their parents to blow 50$ when they goto the mall with their kids.

      The office supply industry is facing death by 1000 cuts - just ask Circuit City or CompUsa.

      There is room for 1 player at the end of the game, but probably not 2-3 ... just look at physical book stores (BKS) or electronic stores (BBY) that are left...

      Online tax issues aren't going to cause the Constitution prohibits states from interfering in interstate commerce. You forget this problem started with catalog retailers back in the 90s and see how that worked out for the states ... never gonna happen unless it's on a Federal level and we goto a consumption tax system.

      The only thing states will do in the short term is force out jobs by making affiliates move to another state.

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