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  • americanbuy Jun 28, 2011 2:29 AM Flag

    You ask - what WILL move SPLS?..........

    Ok- lets get started:

    1. Lower commodity costs are actually a boon to the market- as many companies have been subjected to higher costs across the board-
    2. The market- it looks like were past the greece issue - temporarily- good news- less fear- lower vix......mood improving - and the 'double dip' fear receeding
    3. Back to school- happens every year- but SPLS is moving the tablets- and more high end electronics this year
    4. the WEB- SPLS just set up a new mobile site- very easy to use- and head and shoulders above OM or OD
    5. OM and OD- this industry will be consolidated- no doubt- it would probably be in motion already were it not for ODs legal issues- but expect to see the 3 players down to 2 within a year
    6. Buffet? LBO? - contrary to what many believe - office supplies are still in use! and SPLS has the biggest global footprint- and i expect SPLS is on the radar screen right about now......
    7. Seems that inflation might not be as bad - going forward as we feared- this will help the market greatly- as it did today
    8. MANY upgrades- yes- low targets - but then again analysts dont want egg on their face- and are being cautious with retail period (although the consensus target is still in the mid- 19s
    9. 90% institutionally owned- always solid
    10. The shorters had their way- but the bone has been picked and there are much better companies to short with SPLS in the 15 and a 1/4 range......
    11. Cost savings in the second half- we already knew this- but i expect the decrease in commodities will turbo charge the existing cost cutting measures (not renewing SEVERAL big leases)
    12. Smaller stores- SPLS has been implementing lower psf stores- which have proven to be more profitable-
    13. OD- will continue to have problems-terrible management- legal problems- and expect this to continue to take its toll
    14. OM - who knows if the minnow of the three will even be in business as OM in a year- i dont think so
    15. The stock - for all intensive purposes- has bottomed out UNLESS the market bottoms out- and then - watch your head- a lot more than spls will suffer

    all in all there are many reasons i expect spls to prosper in the coming year- and am optimistic that the company is best positioned to move forward in the new environment

    ok- thats it- take care- make your own conclusions- and im not frothing at the mouth excited-but id like to see the stock in 17plus range- in the next few months- moving back into the 20 range within a year- and if the market cooperates- i think well be there-

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