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  • dupontyvek dupontyvek Sep 1, 2011 8:45 PM Flag

    NFI's impending bankruptcy and its impact on Staples

    Get real - not likely that Staples is waiting with baited breath for their delivery company to go BK and then make decisions about what to do. This is not Office Depot and surely have contingency plans.

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    • Ummm I worked there for many years and most likely I would think no contingency plans. Why do you think the stock went from $23 to $13.80 something a share?

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      • In this economy there are many other trucking companies that would love to pick up this work. Hopefully SPLS can get even better rates. No need to worry.
        Within the next year ODP and maybe OMX will be out of business. Their market cap is so low and it doesn't make sense for them to stay around. This will be big for SPLS.

      • Ummm as you like to put it - Office depot in the past two years has gone from $7 to $2, and OMX has gone from $20 to $6. So although the SPLS performance is less than acceptable it must be evaluated as compared with the other players in the group.
        I think the probability that SPLS will be back to $23 in the next year is good while the probability that ODP or OMX are still in business next year is also good.
        As for contingency plans for trucking you are out of your mind if you believe that Staples does not have a plan.
        Trucking firms and delivery companies are and have lined up to take the staples business at any moment of Staples chosing. They will not skip a beat.
        Perhaps the reason you have this nevative attitude about Staples is that you did not part company on good terms - sour grapes perhaps?

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