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  • splskoolaid splskoolaid May 16, 2012 3:21 PM Flag

    # SPLS Featured On Squawk Box #

    Lets be clear. This company is now officially tired and in need of new leadership. Yes they make a ton and have great branding, but they will never grow again and therefore will never add any more shareholder value outside of the dividend. Who is being held accountable for the poor decisions being made in Framingham? How much longer can MM be allowed to run the international division into the ground? They are all paying for their arrogance that the Staples way of 5 years ago will still work today, and the people that are paying the price of poor leadership are the front line folks being laid off. Any layoffs in the executive suite lately?

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    • CNBC is not what it used to be, the content being mostly baseless and devoid of facts, I have shifted to Bloomberg. I remember the day when we were the first to get TV's in our offices so we could use CNBC. I don't care what their opinion is on anything they squawk about. The best part of the network, the people, is now on all the other channels.

    • You are right on!
      As long as RS accepts the pathetic results delivered by MM this company is going nowhere.
      MM's poor performance will be the demise of RS.

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