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  • sarju_12 sarju_12 Oct 1, 1998 4:43 PM Flag

    Hello, wake up

    People, wake up. Don't sell your stocks, any
    stock. Those big investers are playing games. They are
    just taking advantage of market. People think that it
    is Asian crisis but it is not. Our economy in
    excellent shape. But all those big investers sell all those
    stock and make the market down and then buy again at
    low prices. Thats why we are having a big drop one
    day and big high one day. Please small investors,
    don't freak out keep your stocks.

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    • I'm in it for the long haul. Haven't been in SPLS
      stocks long, but have somee other small things i've done
      over the years and the one thing i did learn is to
      ride it out. we know it will come back eventually.
      anyways, if i don't hold, i'll loose big time. waiting
      therefore is my only option. in fact i'm gonna buy more.

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      • Those who have the courage to buy at these levels
        ($26.00) will be well-rewarded.

        The company's
        stock price has been overly discounted, beyond reason,
        and there is no justification for it. Yes, I've heard
        the P/E arguments, but disagree. The higher P/E is
        easily off-set by the company's plans to expand
        (wisely), and their excellent prospects for
        better-than-average earning's increases.

        This is a relatively
        non-volatile stock (except for the last few days), and can be
        compared with other stalwarts such as The Home Depot,
        Wal-Mart, and Walgreens. Peter Lynch just loves the stock,
        which is another tremendous plus- now, we know he does
        his homework. And the reason that there is a
        disparate gap in the P/E's of the bigger office-supply
        stores is because of the fact that Staples will show a
        much more powerful ROE in the future.

        advertising is tremendously effective, and they have recently
        associated themselves with a stadium in the Los Angeles

        I sleep very well at night holding
        Staples, and see no reason to be concerned about
        inter/intra-day movement. However, I must admit that during the
        last few days, it has been rather exciting to watch it
        bounce around the board. Somebody obviously wanted the
        stock real bad yesterday, as it jumped 2 + points when
        the market retreated 200 + points. Now, that was

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