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  • Bentwaterpro Bentwaterpro Nov 27, 1998 8:42 PM Flag

    off topic

    LJ International, Inc. (NASDAQ/NMS)

    100% plus, growth earnings & revenues first Quarter

    P/E of 7 less than 1/6th of growth of earnings &

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    • increase with 53% larger than average volume.
      Good but not impressive. Closed at the high of the
      day, impressive. MACD trending up, Histogram trending
      up and Stochastic doing a bullish reversal mid
      stream. All these indicators together that the breakout
      can hold.
      For technical analysis presented in easy
      to understand language with the aid of annotated
      charts to enable all investors to actively participate
      in evaluating market conditions visit

    • Even tho you didn't say you held the Jan calls,
      just in case there are others hoping to play the split
      thru Jan, I wanted to remind everyone that the option
      expires Jan 15th(since the split doesn't occur untill Jan
      28th), and earnings are Feb 10th(If you want to hold
      over earnings), the next month options are currently
      available for is Mar.
      The Feb options will be availble
      soon, and would expire Feb 19th. Also, for those that
      are new to options, when the split happens, since
      it's a 3/2, it's a good idea to call your trading
      brokerage and ask them how they handle the options
      contracts post split.
      Fidelity changed my 100 option per
      contract into contracts of 150 call options each. And it
      was about 3 days vefore they registered the correct
      option with it's current strike letter.

    • They have already announced a split for january 99. That's why they need the additional shares.

    • I don't have a position (long or short) in SPLS,
      but I'm considering going long. Spike might have been
      from their 14A filed on Monday asking shareholders to
      double authorized shares to 1,000,000,000 (this would
      allow for a split, or takeover,

    • I do know how to get to other BB's, but thanks
      for the instructions anyway. My first name is Ed if
      that will help you when you are addressing me. I
      appreciate the critique and compliment of my writing skills;
      however, I maintain that it behooves you to provide some
      solid backup to your posts. If you want to us read
      other people's posts - that is fine. You should
      disclose that your opinion is based the research of
      others, of which you happen to agree. It is not helpful
      to us who are trying to learn more to read your
      posts that are stated as facts, when clearly they are
      not. Your reasoning may indeed be sound AND correct,
      BUT, I repeat, you have a responsibility to back it up
      with facts, research info, and/or logic. Otherwise,
      you are no better than a hypster (which I still
      believe you are). Of course, I hope your prediction is
      right - that SPLS buys out CEXP - if, and only if, SPLS
      stock goes up. If other people want to jump on CEXP,
      that is their perogative. Personally, I hope everyone
      here makes money (including you). I rather see
      individual investors profiting than institutions.

    • Here's what you do........Go check out today's
      posts on CEXP's BB. You know, the one you've never been
      to before. Tee hee. Oh, to get there, just key in
      'CEXP' and click on 'messages'. That should hopefully
      take you to a bunch of posts made today by some other
      individuals who believe CEXP & SPLS is a lovely fit - and
      think it IS going to happen. Oh, and you might notice
      that CEXP is up 20% already today!!!!!!!!!!! (PS: Ever
      thought of becoming a writer? You weave a lot of emotion
      into your prose darling!)

    • What research? Somebody asked you where you got
      your info from and you replied, "No can do." If you
      gleaned this info purely from research, and NOT
      speculation, you would have shared that info here. Either you
      "know" something or you do not. Otherwise, you are just
      hyping this stock (CEXP). I have been in enough BB's
      with enough poor performing stocks to know a hypster
      when I read one. As for leaving posts on the CEXP BB,
      I have never even visited that BB to read posts,
      let alone to actually leave one. If you truly have
      done research, share it with us here. You sound like a
      typical liberal with your name-calling. Instead of
      bombarding us with facts, you rant and rave about how
      terrible we are and how wonderful you are. If you are
      supposedly posting your info so we can profit from your
      "research", then share it with us so we can learn from you.
      If you are merely trying to impress us with your
      prediction, but have no facts to back it up - well, even the
      sun shines on a dog's ass once in a while.

    • Hey Emannes, you and that ludicrous Genny_Girl
      are full of "$&*%". Firstly, look at the ridiculous
      statement she made. Twice! "SPLS & CEXO could not possible
      transpire". What a crock!!! Did I miss something in my MBA
      class? Something that precludes the marriage of two
      perfect-fit public companies? Either explain yourself or go
      'police' someone else's board. And as for you
      Emannes.....of course I don't have 'insider info' you dork.
      (What an exciting thought though!) But - just - based
      on my research - like you and yours - a marriage of
      CEXP & SPLS is MY conclusion. And an announcement
      commensurate with CEXP's earnings release is also MY
      conclusion. You don't agree. Fine! It's a free world baby.
      But to plaster this and CEXP board with all kinds of
      posts saying that I'm some kind of "Blue Horseshoe" is
      pretty low. What are you, a CEXP short? Or do you just
      object to the freedom of speech and exchange of ideas
      this service is here for when they don't agree with
      yours. So, you can kiss my ass when the deal's done!!!

    • I've followed CEXP for about 6 months since I
      think it's making good money for such a cheap stock,
      but the charts are BAD and getting worse. Nothing
      (and I mean nothing) positive or unusual can be seen
      in any of the indicators. Selling is picking up.
      Option volume is still very light so if any M&A insiders
      are using that route for profits, they still haven't
      shown thier faces. I hope a certain someone is not on
      the verge of a margin call when CEXP closes below $4
      for two days.

      Still... maybe Wednesday I'll
      risk the commission costs and buy a few calls (they're
      really cheap) and if there's no announcement I'll sell
      them the next day.

    • Bought some options on the dip last week to sell
      in January post-split. Charts on TC2000 show the
      recent runs up may level off soon. Institutional buying
      has slowed and is now flat. It was the small
      investors that ran it up today...probably in anticipation
      of the split and/or the retail sales report due out

      Does anybody know what time that report
      will be released?

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