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  • star_light0 star_light0 Feb 5, 1999 1:09 PM Flag

    There is no sell off

    SPLS will be back up before the earning, 3/4/99;
    they going to add two more stores in Geogia this fall.
    If you are a day trade, you are screwed today. The
    whole market is in red and it will rebound. GOOD buying
    opportunity. Just bouhgt more this morning.

    My guest,
    the range will be 27-35 before the

    I'm holding for a long term!!!

    Do not panic,
    there is no sell off. The volume is nornal. If we see a
    high volume, I might worry. The INSTITUTIONS are still

    Good luck to all

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    • I think it is time to start looking at adding
      some more SPLS at this price point or below. Why?
      Right now SPLS is sitting on the 50 day EMA. It has
      rarely traded long below that.Around 26 is the lower
      Bollinger Band. If one believes these type of things, or at
      least weights them into their calculus of buy and sell
      decisions, SPLS is attractive for a buy.

      The proof
      will be if SPLS bounces off of the 26-27
      I thought enough of this to add some 25 June calls
      Friday. We'll see, huh?

    • Go SPLS!! Let's see 30 soon!!

    • ok, if SPLS is trading at a price to earnings
      multiple right now of 78.85, and we can all agree that is
      historically very high, then If SPLS trades around a price to
      earnings multiple of between 60-80 between now and the end
      of their fiscal year. SPLS first call estimate are
      for .66, if they have a 5% surprise we are looking at
      an actual EPS of around .70 so the low end would be
      42 and the high end would be 56.
      In my experience
      with SPLS, they have tried to keep the stock
      relatively inexspensive, typically under the $30 range. This
      last split came to late to moderate the stock price
      under that strike for very long, if they want to keep
      SPLS reasonable for the little guy investor, they will
      have to do another split mid year.
      If they have
      decided to let the strike run a little higher, possibly
      to the 40 range, they will still need to do a mid
      year 3/2 split, since they will have to literally
      trade sideways for most of the year(highly doubtful) to
      stay under that strike.
      That is the technical
      reasoning behind my analysis. If SPLS cannot maintain some
      mediocum of it's new higher P/E, then neither will DELL or
      any other stock which is trading richly, and that
      means major market meltdown. I am hoping/betting we
      won't see a major metdown untill we also see some
      problematic inflation and/or an interest rate hike.

      Untill then, we are living happily in the land of
      tulips<VBG> Who here owns an internet stock?

    • until earnings come out the fundamentals aren't
      there. SPLS is already sporting a rather hefty PE (which
      is deserved), but I don't want to see this thing get
      too far out of whack. The condition is known as
      over-bought. SPLS has made it thus far because it's earnings
      growth could justify the PE. It has gotten further out
      than it has ever been which is why it was set up for
      the big fall on Friday. I'm not looking for slow and
      steady, but fast and steady. The operative word is
      steady. If I want to go on a wild ride, I'll go to Space
      Mountain. I want SPLS to chew up the ground as it
      progresses forward so there is no backtracking like we had
      Friday. That means having the fundamentals in place.
      Remember the fall correction when SPLS took much less of a
      hit than others, in my opinion because it had not
      reached a price which could be called over-bought. It WAS
      getting into that territory this week and so it got
      smacked. However, that's also why I don't think it'll fall
      much below where it is, because this range is fully
      supported. Put it this way: if SPLS had MSFT's PE ratio, it
      would currrently be priced at $25.

    • BIG deal, come-on , 2 stores??? and that
      justifies a p/e ratio of what,50,60 or the current 70+????
      This price is heading down and SPLS can be had at a
      lower price in the next few weeks--- and dont worry,
      I'll "mark my [own] words"!!! see you at <$25 !!

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