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  • Anything_that_goes_up Anything_that_goes_up Feb 8, 1999 9:19 PM Flag

    Next lesson Tofu

    ROFL - rolling on floor laughing
    ROFLMAO -- rolling on floor, laughing my ass off.

    Who wants to contribute to the Tofu acronym education fund??

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    • <EOM> end of message
      laughing out loud
      which I am doing since if I answer
      those questions every time, it will be the "Name that
      Abbreviation" BB, rather than the SPLS BB.
      And just so this
      is not a totally off topic post. I was noticing that
      SPLS Stochastics started to curl under today(whew) I
      wonder where this next run will take

    • I have a small position outside of my long term
      stuff that I trade of SPLS which I flushed out of
      today, which of course, I am sure I will live to regret!
      I have set a buy both to trade and for long term
      for 27, it's been there a few times over the past
      couple of weeks without falling thru, so I feel OK about
      picking it up there.
      I had concerns about valuation so
      I really wanted to watch SPLS on a washout day like
      we had Wed, and it held support, so I feel ok buying
      more for long term now at that price if it ever gets
      there again<VBG>
      A few TA guys I follow(who
      have been hideously wrong recently, I might add) have
      said we may see a retest at some point in the next
      week or so(Tuesday was the day one of them mentioned)
      and SPLS is still far enough off it's earnings that
      it could have another test of 27 if we have another
      blow out day like Wed. So that's where my own personal
      buy is on SPLS. I bought SPLS in the past at 13 and
      17(post split adjusted) and feel comfortable picking up
      more here.

    • the 3 blocks of SPLS afterhours.....for a total
      of 80,000 shares!!!!!.......Hmmmmm this one won't be
      hard to guess for tomorrow........LOL.........but
      seriously, it should hit easily 32$ on this run then a
      little consolidation for another small burst to about
      PS>>>anytime you want some TA,you'll mostly find me on CDNW
      board not that I don't like you guys or anything but
      with SPLS it's rather simple it just keeps rising with
      little retracement.So I just pop in every now and again

    • 4.5% increase with only 60 percent of average
      daily volume. Quite a healthy course of action this
      stock is taking to get to 30. Get ready Tofo9s, part
      with your friggin' money and enjoy the ride. Results
      this March, from what I gather, are very healthy.

    • now everyone's laughing at me for trying to buy
      spls at 26 1/4!!! I just hope people understand when I
      say :people, PLEASE take these unforeseen profits and
      SELL your stock during the next week. Drive the price
      down to a more reasonable 23.... or even to 26 1/4 so
      I can get my purchase to execute. Well, maybe I
      should try for 27.00???

    • 26 1/4!!!

      Now I have to raise mine to 26 5/16. That's what I get for telling secrets!

    • 1. hitn_run----really, I dont know anything about
      T/A but i respect people who do--- and,
      congratulations because you really called it---spls is up big
      today-- I still think it will drop off some more, but who
      knows--- how about keeping us up on any TA results or
      estimates ???? you the man!! for today anyway-lol

      rachimov---dont tell anyone, but i placed an order for 100 shares
      last nite at 26 1/4, but it looks like i goofed ---
      should have taken 26 7/8 yesterday and now i've got

    • With currency exchanges favoring US retailers
      right now, the little cheapie stuff is no doubt
      generating higher profit margins<VBG> Than PC's. Let's
      all keep our fingers crossed for no copy center wars!

    • Staples makes the highest profit margins from,
      you guessed it, their copy center!! Computers only
      yield roughly a 5% - 10% return. PC price wars are no
      worry, it's the copy center wars that I'm scared of!!!

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