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  • Lee_Nover Lee_Nover Feb 9, 1999 9:21 PM Flag

    Next lesson Tofu

    You are abit of a knob. Smarten up!!

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    • Anything_that_goes_up Anything_that_goes_up Feb 10, 1999 12:04 AM Flag

      There has been NO one here defending Tofu more
      than I. I have been defending Tofu (and Zebraspit
      before him) for months. Many of the SPLS longs
      ocassionally shoot down people who have less than a glowing
      opinion of SPLS. I have been (now with Tibor's help)
      defending all opinions, especially the contrary ones.

      Given that Tofu and I have been posting together for a
      while, I was trying to keep it light and breezy. It
      actually WAS an attempt get others to contribute other
      acronyms (not money) so that Tofu could learn them before
      he runs into them. Education is the purpose we are
      here, agreed. So how bout it? Got any acronyms for his
      education? IF SO, POST THEM!

      If this were the first
      posts Tofu and I had exchanged, I could agree with your
      assessment. However, it wasn't. Obviously from message #1529,
      it (well the profile says neuter) understood the
      intent. However, if condecension was inferred where none
      exists, my apologies. Hopefully Tofu and I have been
      around the bend enough such that it knows there is no
      ill will whatsoever.


      Now a
      suggestion for the two of you: Do NOT, under ANY
      circumstances whatsoever, go to the Dell message board. The
      language and vituperativeness would've curled Yul
      Brenner's hair.
      Also avoid the boards for GE, MSFT, GM.

      As far as from some of the best minds in the biz,
      I've met my share and trust me, there are a few real
      doozies out there. Condescension? How about Marty Whitman
      implying most fund managers at the morningstar confernce
      are idiots. Or the give and take between Jim
      O'Shaughnessey and several panelists about his ideas for
      investing. Or Bill Fleckenstein and any bull. Or Kurlak and
      Edlestone together. Ego and "self-confidence" certainly go
      hand-in-hand with many of the top managers and analysts. Of
      course there are the greats who haven't left the ground
      as well. However, I have NEVER knowingly, willfully
      insulted or condescended to ANYone on the Yahoo

      TTFN (ta-ta for now).

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      • Well, it certainly was interesting to read the
        posts today. I was especially intrigued by TOFU's
        description of our comments as "whining".

        TOFU, Lee
        and I were attempting to defend what we perceived as
        harsh remarks about your knowledge (or lack of it). It
        is now evident that we could have saved our
        respective breaths. I find it incredible that you would make
        negative remarks about 2 individuals who were simply
        acting out of compassion for you.

        Did you read
        our posts, TOFU? How could anything we said be
        interpreted as "whining"? Or, are you trying to bolster your
        self esteem through meaningless innuendo?

        night, all! And thank you for letting me vent!

      • I do not need your suggestions. I am old enough to decide what message boards I can participate in. You need to get out alittle more!! Perhaps with a women.

      • I bet tofu is reallly mad now. In four weeks he
        will just die when Staples hits a nice strong 30. Even
        with a week of hard times with the Dow and Nasdaq,
        Staples has remained hearty. A third quarter split could
        be in the works "btw" (by the way). As for the short
        termers? I like em, keeps it interesting. To answer a
        question from earlier as well, some people don't like to
        see a stock continue strong growth, they prefer
        swings in buying and selling to accomodate shorts, puts
        and calls. Faster money with more risk. There are
        those who go long and stay long and only when its SUPER
        fat, do they sell, which then incorporates a
        correction in the stock. If you can afford to lose what you
        have and not worry about rent, watching a stock go up
        10 and hope it goes down 10 in the same week, you
        can make serious money and lose serious money. Steady
        growth isn't for all, just for the chickens like

        Hope that helps to your question of why do some people
        not want a company to have steady gains.

        I'm tired and I have 20 more posts to


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