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  • soundinvestment44 soundinvestment44 Mar 10, 1999 5:39 PM Flag

    Interesting News

    These are some more PICKS from Invest Yourself
    for tomorrow.
    AXP, C, IMNX
    Check it out at

    Some Stats:
    In '98 short term picks gained an
    average of 25% in 10 trading days; long term holds gained
    an average of over 65% for the year. He offer a free
    2 week trial and since I signed on I have seen well
    over a 100% return. He also does a daily post, which
    he updates every half hour, that has picks and
    information at the moment and for the day.

    Here are the results from the Invest Yourself PICKS
    for Monday
    DELL+2 11/32, NSOL+40, IMNX+3 1/4,
    SEPR+6 3/8, LU+3 3/16, SUNW+4 3/16, IBM+5/8, GBLX+1 5/8,
    MRK+3/16, FON+2, AXP-2 1/16, SEIC-1/4, CNET+40 1/8, ATHM+3
    7/16, CMGI+47 1/2

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    • If you SPLS stockholders like this company, you
      should love USTR. This company sells for approximately
      8x earnings, announced a stock buyback, and has a
      historical track record of beating estimated earnings. This
      quarter they came up a little short 1 to 3 cents, however
      based on a low P/E of 8, they should trade for between
      25-30 per share, not $17 per share! Look out tomorrow
      based on the strength of recent press releases!

    • ----- SPLS just split in January. It will not split until at least oct/nov, and then would have to be trading around$40-45. IMO.

    • I'd think that SPLS will adjust that split policy
      to make the level 40 or at least two quarters apart.
      They last announced a split in mid-November (pending
      january shareholder approval). Something tells me that we
      wouldn't see even the whisper of a split until at least

    • It usually has to trade above 30 for xx days, the co. has some kind of policy or formula. Expect that if it trades above 30 over the next quarter, that they will split it again.

    • ... profit taking later today and tomorrow. As
      you know from watching the numbers, this stock is a
      favorite with daytraders and shorts. Profits after a move
      up of 4+ this week will be too tempting to resist
      even for some longs. If you're buying high, be

      I've owned SPSL for several years but others who post
      here should have a better idea on splits than me. I
      would guess that nothing will happen soon since the
      last 3/2 was just a few months back. Split closer to
      $50 would seem more likely.

    • I have held SPLS for over a year now but have
      liquidated regularly- about twice a month- to pick it up
      again on the dips so I don't really know what I'd be
      considered cuz I'm not really a daytrder......maybe a
      bi-monthly trader for this stock LOL....I mostly TA it and
      to those that don't believe in that trust me it work
      (I average 66-75% right) I still think it's coming
      back might be tomorrow the start of it. now depending
      on the time frame it takes it may go to somewhere
      around 28$ right now. I normally hold a stock 3-5 days
      (with the exception of NSCP & SPLS which I've now held
      for over a year)work strictly by TA.........But I do
      agree on this stock being a beauty in that you safely
      go to sleep every nite w/o having to worry what it's
      gonna do in the A.M.
      Now I'm gonna have to side with
      Tofu and hope we are both right where it will roll
      back some so we could get back in and the real longs
      can get more!!!!

      • 2 Replies to hitn_run
      • Have you had good results using your investing
        strategy? I haven't had much luck hitting price targets in
        the past. Murphy's law seems to mess me up most of
        the time. The Murphy's law that I am referring to is
        the one that says that you will never hit the stock
        price you desire, either on the buy side or the sell
        side. So, rather then die of frustration I just hold
        for the long term (a year or more... mostly more) and
        add on the inevitable stock market dips.
        SPLS has
        lended itself well to this technique, it has turned out
        to be one of the best investment choices I ever
        I have no idea if SPLS will get back to the $27-$28
        but if it does I think that I will probably go along
        with you guys and add some more.

      • I typically trade the options(puts for the
        downside, calls at the splits/earnings) rather than sell my
        LT stuff, but I Did sell some LT this time, and I
        feel practically naked without my usual weighting in
        I have a buy order set for 27 1/2, just in
        case, but I really would just like to get back in for
        28 or so

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