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  • steve36 steve36 May 4, 1999 5:37 PM Flag

    Big volume

    What is up with the big volume today?? Should I hold or not.....helllllllppppppppp.......

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    • It looks like about 3.5 for OMX vs 5.1 for
      This is past data anyway. With the new computer
      in place, turnover should be better. In any event,
      of 3.5 is not so bad, unless the inventory is
      obsolete computers.

    • as they (company and insiders) are restricted
      from all stock purchase/sale activity up to the
      earnings release by SEC regulations, as well as after the
      earnings release. So I think they have been out of the
      market since mid-April, don't know for sure the exact

      Be sure to get your facts straight before making
      these outlandish statements. I'll look at a low P/E and
      the riskreward ration any day, SPLS is way over
      valued IMO. Why don't you cut your losses in OMX? You
      sound like a poker player who is losing

    • 5/4/99: price target is $43.

      they are very
      "we feel confident that Staples will deliver yet
      another solid quarter."
      The price dip has "created a
      buying opportunity for one of the best-managed retailers
      in the world."
      "We continue to rate Staples a Buy
      with a price target of $43 based on a target P/E of
      45x our CY2K EPS estimate of


      Best of luck

    • Gosh! Did you really believe thatI did't know
      that OMX is Office Max and I would be investing money
      in this industry do you?.I owned both company stock
      and owned SPLs from the first split.So to
      quote"Getting the heck out of the industry"is to say the least
      not very polite.

    • U better look deeper. OMX has the worst invetory
      turnover relative to ODP and SPLS. Both ODP and SPLS can
      turn their inventory over twice as fast as OMX. Its
      clear that you have failed to realize that OMX has a
      problem with distribution and logistics. The reason why
      SPLS & ODP has not had an immediate negative impact on
      PC sales is due to the large volume turnover of PCs.
      Clearly, SPLS and ODP do not let their inventory sit
      around compared to OMX.

    • Your comments about OMX remind me of the comments
      people were making about BBY two years ago.
      Do some
      in depth research. You will see that OMX
      is turning around.
      In fact, the comparison with
      BBY of two years ago is a great
      one, as both
      companies had problems with their computer sales.

      Earnings for OMX without the computer division are up
      OMX is trading at just 13x past earnings(when
      charges are omitted). These charges were to realign
      computer operations, and to liquidate inventory. Now OMX
      has a
      solid computer retailing strategy, and will
      do well
      going forward. It is great to pay only
      13x past earnings
      for a company that has growth of
      about 20%.

    • You don't know what this OMX thing is about? Geez, you might want to get the heck out of this industry sector if you don't know.

    • I really do not understand how these two are
      related.We longs at spls have lostsome moneyand are trying
      to find an it because some insider sold
      50,000 shares ,is it the shorts,is it themarket as a
      whole or is it a combination of all three.I do feel it
      is a combination of all three. This price of 26/ was
      touched on the 26Aug 98.It would attract some
      institutional buying as they have researched this stock and
      have a 'buy' signal on it.This brings me back to the
      question.What is this OMX all about.Good luck for tomorrow.

    • Look at all other stocks. It is not only SPLS.
      The interest rates are going up, stock market - down.
      And also looks like there are too many day traders
      around SPLS now. I will hold for a while, but my
      stop-loss is 24 15/16. If fund managers re-calculate the
      interest rates and the current market conditions, we will
      see DOW 8000 very soon.

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