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  • SharehoIder SharehoIder May 14, 1999 2:06 PM Flag

    Omx has extremely high inventory(bad)

    Omx's inventory turnover is under 3. Their
    products sit on the sheves for an average 4.3 months!!
    It's cash that can't be used. They get 47% less sales
    per square foot. So not only is cash tied up in
    inventory, they cost of rent/building, employees etc are all
    higher compared to sales! They have poor inventory

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    • rents per square foot as OMX, as they seem to
      have stores
      in higher profile areas. So with higher
      sales per square foot,
      they probably also have
      higher costs per square foot. Salaries
      are probably
      also much higher in these high profile areas
      as NYC. I figure that the inventory turnover for
      is closer to 3.5 than 3. This is not as high as for
      but still very respectable. Keep in mind that OMX is
      only .31xsales, while SPLS sells at a huge
      OMX is at about 41x next years earnings
      while OMX trades at only 12.3x next years earnings
      Which stock seems like it has greater appreciation
      Which stock has more risk?

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      • assertation?
        SPLS has higher rents? What do
        you base that one? Your own, assuredly
        enourmous<rolling eyes>, knowledge?
        Keep the macro veiw bud,
        OMX expanded into Asia correct? Would you care to
        guess where some of the most expensive real estate in
        the world is? Yep, Asia/Japan.
        I really don't
        think lease rates are the reason one company commands a
        higher multiple. OMX has blown earnings, more than once,
        the institutions have long memories about these
        You see the professional investor NEEDS the advantage
        of being able to get information that we, the retail
        investor, don't have.
        If they can't cheat, then how are
        they supposed to make any money? They are not any
        smarter than you are, and if they can't count on a
        company to guide them privately a Quarter in advance that
        all is well, and they will make the number, and if
        they are NOT going to make the number they need a
        warning well in advance so that the professional can sell
        all of their stock before bad news hits, then a
        company has to prove that they are going to be good from
        now on, but that company will still take years to
        recover from betraying the institutional investor, who
        cannot survive without a company making it a no brainer
        for them, they hate to think! poor dears! So THAT is
        why OMX gets the multiple it does.
        And now that
        bonds are going to suck, SPLS and OMX and most other
        retailers are going to have problems. I plan to just keep
        buying the dips, SPLS should hold up well during any
        correction(It did last summer), and I'de rather have my money
        in SPLS at it's current multiple, than in
        UBID<rolling eyes>.
        Good luck, and get your facts

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    • i`m a short term trader. sold a while back when
      it didn`t look like it had anymore leggs left. well
      before mr. g.
      decided not to gamble on the rates
      and/or bias.
      good decision
      btw, i did five roung
      trips since then, all thankfully in the right

      hang in there, i`ll be back for sure. spls is a great
      company and i wouldn`t mind beeing invested in it for the
      long haul, but that would go against my unbrakable


    • <EOM>

    • if you haven't sold, you haven't lost.Hold on.I've invested in this co. a little over a year for 100% gain.It will continue to be an excellent performer.

    • Trades just went off at 28. Given the fact that
      the market is not doing anything because of Mr.
      Greenspan, this is a pretty good move for SPLS. Look for
      some positive comments from analysts to move it up
      tomorrow provided we don't have a rate hike. Another Great


    • culd this positive earnings finally push this stock over thirty? how many times have we seen excellent earnings only to watch the stock regress?

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      This penny
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      told you about GRPV when it was at .15 and it just hit
      $1 today.
      ADEN should hit $1 to $2 very soon.
      Check it


    • An hour a day doesn't make, but reaction to the great earnings report seems rather weak to me. Only up to 27 1/4 at this point.
      Any ideas as to near-term prospects for SPLS?


    • $35-$40 still stands, and I intend to get most of the move.
      I just do it in smaller pieces.


    • SPLS has a clean balance sheet and little debt. An interest increase may not impact SPLS as much as some other high debt company.

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