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  • edlaff edlaff Sep 9, 1999 2:15 PM Flag

    Time to double down

    I was in at 27, at these prices, how can you go
    wrong. I liked it at 27 6 months ago, nothing has
    changed, has it? This company has displayed sales growth
    of 20%+ over the past five years and even though I
    predict industry consolidation in the next 2 years, I
    feel that SPLS will end up either being purchased by a
    company trying to enter the high mark-up office supply
    industry or retaining its spot as the industry leader. Any


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    • Only 3 messages today? Where is all the interest in SPLS?

    • nope, nothing against them.

    • you got something against Harvard graduates?

      That's a hint, Stockpick.


    • Just thought I would update you on the current
      situation on the commercial side. They are now achieving
      sales in record numbers. I realize that about a year
      ago they had their problems, it is slowly becoming a
      well oiled machine. You are stuck in the past, I can't
      help but laugh when you pretend to be an authority on
      the commercial side. If you would just pull your head
      out of your you know what, you would see that the
      commercial side is hitting the competition head on with
      great sucess. As far as being behind the winners, I
      have news for your sour grapes, SPLS is and will
      continue to be a winner.

    • Some of what you said, except the part about
      Circuit City. These reps may be somewhat knowledgable,
      but every time I have gone in there they have tried
      to upsell me on everything even after I told them
      what my budget was. The only place that seems to
      really listen is Tweeter. Very knowledgable too!

    • for minimum wage - Harvard graduates? Take your dollar votes elsewhere, fumduck.

    • I hear every side to these stories. I hate going
      in any retail store especially Best Buy. These guys
      are the most moronic people that walk earth (I can
      say that cause I worked there and walked out 4 weeks
      later). I remember reading an article in Smart Money mag
      a few months ago about the IMAC computer and how
      the people that go in there to shop or just look at
      technology (as we are all guilty of) and we can sell far
      better than these jackasses in blue shirts and red
      shirts, or any suit walking around. But like a person
      mentioned earlier, the reason these companies do not hit
      BINGO and hire the smarts that use these products, is
      that they do not pay for tihs.(spelled backwords) It
      does not fail, everytime I leave Best Buy I leave
      upset, not even just for myself, but the morons that are
      left there that think that they know what they are
      selling. Like the time (not to ramble, but my friend and I
      waited 30 minutes to get service, finally got it, and
      then the jackass working at BBY tried to sell as a 56K
      modem that had a rebate that expired 3 months ago. So
      we leave upset, but are forced to go back. Some
      serious investors (if I had the $$ I would) need to put
      together a store with the Circut City training and just be
      smart as all getow about everything, not just having
      the ability to read a card (like we can not read or
      something) Gewizz. Have a good weekend, that is my rant for
      now. A new quarter for discussion.---eric BUY MORE

    • Have you ever tried to understand what kind of
      paper to buy when you want to print on a laser vs. a
      desk jet printer, or when you want to print pictures
      or graphs vs. plain text? The Staples staff in my
      store are not only helpful, but very knowledgeable.
      This is just one example of many.

    • Don't forget about fax machines, computers,
      monitors, printers, scanners, fax/modems, memory, hard
      drives, telephones, software, ink cartridges, toner,
      calculators, peripherals, cables, surge protectors, mice,
      keyboards, network cards, video cards....................
      and the list goes on and on!! People need service,
      trust me!

    • Staples sells pens, pencils, et al. These are
      commodities that you can get anywhere. The only reason people
      go there is because they know they have a choice and
      that it usually is right there. The price is right.
      Who cares what the service person says to you on the
      way out or at the check out counter. I am not
      emotionally involved with any purchase from Staples. Give me
      my pens and pencils and get out of my way.

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